Tomb Raider And The Rest of Gamescom

Endlessbacklog's Gagan breaks down the best and worst news to come out of Gamescom. So naturally yes he talks about Tomb Raider.

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henriquecopes1433d ago

Seriously you need to have news of this game all the time? Aff

come_bom1432d ago

The last of Us PS4 was much much worse. Every single day there were about 50 articles about the game on N4G.

gameon19851433d ago

This title is exactly write, because that was exactly how games com was tomb raider, and then everything else.

zeuanimals1433d ago

Rise of the Tomb Raider was already announced at E3, all they did now was make it "exclusive" to the Xbox One which was a PR disaster with vague and constantly changing comments about how "exclusive" it is. So there's that, and then there's Silent Hill which was a pleasant surprise and actually made people happy.

gameon19851433d ago

And you know the difference? one was exclusive for Xbox and one was exclusive for PS. It's no secret the way the net and media work is every thing Microsoft does is a out rage, but if it's Sony it's the best thing since slice bread. Case and point look at how you people reacted to the Witcher 3 extra content in the collector edition. yet Silent hill was excepted with praise. Silent hill only made people (Sony fan boys ) happy because the xbox one isn't getting it. and even with that game they are not being clear to whether or not it's truly exclusive. So it's really no different from what Microsoft is doing with Tomb Raider.

BiggerBoss1433d ago

@gameon. Silent Hills was never even confirmed as exclusive, and it's probably multi platform. Take your fanboy goggles off seeing a conspiracy where there isn't one.

OT: it's kinda sad that every other game is being overshadowed just because RotTR is timed exclusive. There were lots of great games that aren't getting coverage because of it

come_bom1432d ago

I have to agree with gameon1985. For fanboys and gaming journalist everything Microsoft does is bad, and everything Sony does is great. Sony can do the exact same thing Microsoft does, but it's always good.

zeuanimals1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

NVM, replying to myself to reply to someone else is pointless.

Spotie1432d ago

That's so wrong.

Of course, somebody who can't see Microsoft as doing anything wrong would say this.

Silent Hill and Tomb Raider are not similar situations. And lol at the accusations of media bias against Microsoft, after the Xbox crowd has spent the past few years at least denying the evident bias against Sony. It's even crazier because Microsoft has deserved it far more than Sony ever did.

You guys are a joke.

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MysticStrummer1433d ago

TR got a lot of coverage for something that has nothing to do with the game itself. Other games got coverage for being interesting games.

iamnsuperman1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

The coverage wasn't exactly positive though. No one was mentioning how good the game looked nor did they mention anything good about it

The reaction was of confusion (due to what Microsoft said at their conference) and pure anger for a response that didn't answer anything and was fairly insulting to those who made the reboot a success.

Tomb Raider stole the light for all the wrong reasons. The entire situation back fired spectacularly. The old saying that any press is good press isn't true and both Microsoft and SE saw this. A game getting coverage except for, well, the game isn't good at all. The rest of the games at gamescom were discussed for what they were. The game that was presented

zeuanimals1432d ago

Where in my comment do I say anything about it being okay for Sony to do it? The reason why it's made me happy is because it's Silent Hill it's got big names like Kojima and Del Toro are attached to it, and I'm a fan of all three.

Something a lot of people don't know is that Project Siren, a subsidary of Sony Japan Studio, is made up of a few ex-Konami devs. Keiichiro Toyama, the lead director at Project Siren was the creator of the original Silent Hill. So if it's exclusive to PS4, then it's likely going to have a lot of influence by Toyama since he doesn't seem to busy with anything else. Hell, Project Siren and Kojima Productions are both located in Tokyo so collaborations between them should be really easy. And if Toyama is really influencing the game in anyway, then I will be even more happy.

Nobody at Microsoft are the creators of Tomb Raider and as far as I know, nobody was an ex-employee of Eidos, Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, or even Core Design, the original TR devs. I've also literally never cared about Tomb Raider, I tried to care last year with Tomb Raider 2013 but that game did nothing for me and I seriously doubt ROTTR is gonna do anything for me either.

The only reason Tomb Raider made headlines is because it's controversial. People will remember it over actual new announcements, like a new Silent Hill with freaking Kojima working on it, even though Tomb Raider was announced with little care from the media just two months ago.

DigitalRaptor1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Precisely right.

When a game makes headlines that overshadow everything else shown at Gamescom, for nothing other than its exclusivity status and Xbox fans consider that a "win", you can tell that their conference had none of the substance of a winning conference.

Most of their new content was indie games (ironic and sad when PS4 is branded for the same thing) and the only new AAA game they announced was Tomb Raider.

The way in which Silent Hills was announced ensured it went under the radar, but it still had more substance than a simple exclusivity announcement for ROTTR.

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