Sexist, Racist, Ageist: Stop and Think Before Accusing

Gamnesia: "The issue of discrimination is a very real and a very serious one, but claims of what constitutes discrimination these days are often as ridiculous as the very idea of a rainbow sheep.

Are we to consider The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as racist because its human denizens are discriminatory to Gorons and consider Deku Scrubs to be much lower than themselves? In this instance, we cannot fall into the trap of mistaking the conveyance of racial issues within a video game as the game itself being racist.

Consider Metroid: Other M; it is accused of being sexist because of its portrayal of Samus, a large-breasted blonde, as overly-emotional and dependent upon her male mentor, Adam. There are also jabs made at Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for a few raunchy garments."

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Rimgal1430d ago

I have to say. Amazing written article, it's been too long since I read an article or blog where I completely agree with the author.

Kudos to the author

Ezz20131430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

i can't believe i'm reading a very well written article for once

and why your Cat is Grumpy ?!

Rimgal1430d ago

He was neutered recently, that's why he's always grumpy.

levian1430d ago

Very true. Too often people accuse other people of being racist/sexist for merely noticing something, or making a factual observation.

However, I'm sort of torn on what was said about "few revealing garments does not sexism make." While it's one thing for a character to have somewhat revealing clothes, it's another to play dress up with all these sexy outfits. Or, in some MMOs where every female character is in a metal bikini with only the nudie bits barely being covered.

I'm not the type to get angry over this kind of thing or make furious rants, but I think stuff like that is kind of sad and when I see it I just sort of shake my head.

Another example. I believe it was Dead or Alive 5 on PS3. Every single day under the new DLC you'd see 10+ sexy outfits for the characters (never played it, I sort of assume it's all girls though). It's one thing to add in a single outfit as sort of a fan service, and it's another to be constantly making dozens of new skimpy outfits every day for wrestling nearly nude women. Definitely SMH worthy.

Emanno1430d ago

I agree on this 100%. Some things will never change.

LightDiego1430d ago

Great article about the subject, not click-bait garbage just like Kotaku, Gamespot and that youtuber who likes to promote herself. Good job.

Amorist891430d ago

Loved reading through that, thank you for having stepping up with this which is much needed.

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The story is too old to be commented.