A look at Nintendo games that have sold 1 million in the US alone

Wii U Daily: "We take a look at all the Nintendo games that have sold over a million units in the US alone".

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Barnaby-Jones1346d ago

I wonder how much a open world Mario game in the style of Super Mario 64 would sell? Hopefully that is made soon.

ChickeyCantor1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

It would perform exactly the same. The open-hub mechanic only caters to those who grew up with SM64 and SMSS. Other than that it adds no real value to any other person.

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago

I think a lot of people are craving a 3D Mario game with an open-ended hub world for all the other places to connect to.
Like Sunshine but way larger and with even more levels connecting to it.

NintySonySoft1345d ago

I would love a sequel or Remake from the ground up with added content for Super Mario Sunchine

ritsuka6661345d ago

Great news.

Off topic: fix the site adms. The pictures are not loading.