PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn’s Gameplay Video Shows Fear and Torchlights; Control Scheme Revealed

Until Dawn is definitely a quite interesting game, if anything because its approach to gameplay and storytelling is extremely uncommon, and the extreme branching of the story and variety of endings will probably create an experience with great replayability.

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Razputin1435d ago

Happy I'm getting the White PS4 Destiny bundle in September.

This game along with The Order game play video that was shown, simply amazes me.

Very happy with the AAA exclusives Sony is putting up on the PS4.

Multiplatform games are great, but these exclusives are what really make a console worthwhile.

Benjammin251435d ago

@LightningMrBubbles Funny, interesting, and informative. Bubbles up.

GiggMan1435d ago

I almost held out for the white PS4 but couldn't wait. I had to play the last of us and I don't regret it.

Congrats on your purchase, hope you enjoy.

sonic9891435d ago

yeah i like the Sony exclusives too .
but what i like more is the variety i am not the type of gamer who plays shooters whether 3rd person or first person perspectives unfortunately they dominate the market right now .
So i had to wait and see what Sony will do and quite honestly they didnt disappoint at all games like Rime , Wild , the tomorrow children, tearaway and lbp3 are on the top of my list and i can add until dawn to that list now along with bloodbrone .
this kind of diversity shows sony's true strength in my opinion .

Razputin1435d ago

Very true.

I was huge CoD fan, quit after Blacks Ops, I was also always a huge Battlefield fan, but with BF4 stopped.

I've been left with a sour taste in my mouth with shooters in general as well.

I've been playing some random games lately. Just beat Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus recently and it brought me back to what I loved about consoles.

Ugh, in all I just can't wait to see what I find.

The main reason I didn't plunge and buy day one was because I did it with the PS3 and with the exception of multi-plat games that were better on the 360 at the time, not much there.

I beat Heavenly Sword, Resistance, and such was bored after a while sadly. I had to wait almost 2 years before I was putting my PS3 to more use than just movies and such. But with the PS4, seems like some great stuff is on the horizon.

TheTowelBoy1435d ago

@sonic and Raz you both should play dark souls :) if you have the stomach for it later play demon souls on PS3. You won't regret it. Personally, I've always favored DS over Dark Souls.

sonic9891435d ago

quite i think about consoles in the same way .
started gaming on the Sega genesis and i used to play platformers moved on to the next eras like the saturn ,dreamcast ,playstation , PS2, PSP and gameboy .
i noticed that there are experiences that goes very Well with consoles and make it so different from the PC and they werent in direct competition at that time till the PS2 era .
then when the PS3 era begun we started to See ideas and games from the PC world coming over to the consoles it was new BUT i didnt like them .
i respected the other opinions about shooters and stuff but i suffered greatly last generation if it wasnt for nintendo and Sony ( lbp and ratchet ,sly ) things could have been even worse .
but at least i can say we got a game like Rayman puppeteer ,Sonic generations and patapons all were fantastic .
but still last was far from decent the PS2 era spoiled me with too many games , games that challenged my mind and emotions like ICO and shadow of the colossus games that think of them selves as games and express themselves in that way and not pretend to be movies and Epic set pieces that screams hollywood style .

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equal_youth1435d ago

wow the setting is awesome and that last bit looked a little like saw which i am not a fan of but nonetheless really awesome. I will keep an eye on this and it will most likely be a day one buy for me. I wished they would release a few better quality videos from until dawn with proper sound. even better to suck up the creepy atmosphere.

slinky1234561435d ago

Looks great. I hope they keep the 80's horror slasher movie theme in it with those types of fun antics and what not like they had it before to be, and not just make it a scary horror game. I do hope for some scares too of course.

WeAreLegion1435d ago

What is wrong with her jaw?

TheGrimReaper1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

seems like she is about to cry (or just begging for her life), but her eyes don't reflect this emotion.
Two possibilities:
1. Bad Mocap-actress
2. No exact Mocap and bad editing (or blending) of animations