Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus: August 2014

GF: Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus is back for the month of August. Being that it is the last month of the summer, let’s see if the two premium services heat it up a bit to deliver some cool games on the PlayStation and Xbox. Last month, Games with Gold didn’t feature two games for Xbox One, and PlayStation Plus added a game which had already been given, just on PS Vita. Will Games with Gold finally catch up to PlayStation Plus’ August offerings?

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DarkOcelet1497d ago

Dishonored is way better than crysis 3 but dragon crown is also a great surprise for vita owners and its playable on the ps3 so thats awesome , its a great month for last gen owners , current gen needs to wait until the heavy hitters comes to these services .

iamnsuperman1497d ago

We are going to have to wait till next year really. The problem is the launched titles sold well (for obviously being launch titles) so we will have to wait till titles start faltering and more DLC is released (plus sequels to new ips will push the originals to these services).

Ripsta7th1497d ago

They better not release KZ:SF,NFS Rivals,NBA2k12,AC4, or knack(ps4) brcause mostly everyone own these games!!

MeteorPanda1497d ago

l think bound by flame should be put on ps plus first outta all the ps4 games that came out, i's good but people don't seem to like it. It seems last generation, AA games dominated but now no one wants to give them the time of day. Indies do better than AA which is weird.

Back-to-Back1497d ago

Agreed. I'd take dragons crown any day of the week over Dishonored.

jimjam34421497d ago

ehh from someone who payed for gold for 3 years without any games on 360 i could care less... i mean, its FREE GAMES!!! how can you complain?

Immorals1497d ago

Been a gold member since halo 2 released, still think the service is excellent even without the games!

CaptainObvious8781497d ago

You COULDN'T care less.

'could care less' implies you actually do care.

HugoDrax1496d ago

Been a GOLD member since the launch of XBOX LIVE, and I've already renewed my subscription till 2017. Anyhow, free games are free games. Thanks to competition, all gamers are winning this generation :-)

jimjam34421496d ago

agreed, sux to say but its usually the console with less sales that rewards its customers more. ps3 is an example of this.

incendy351497d ago

Dishonored is the game to have, but then again I am sure we all already have it lol

spacedelete1497d ago

i'm not sure why people are saying "its free games dont complain derp". i dont care if you like indies or not by my opinion they are complete rubbish with a few exceptions like Outlast and resogun. free turds are still turds at the end of the day. i'm not asking for somthing like COD or BF to be free.i want somthing like injustise, knack,tomb raider etc. in fact give us some remasters from last gen as ports.just anything other than indies which play for 10 min and delete.

DigitalRaptor1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Those "turds" are some of the highest rated games this gen, so if it comes down to opinion, the aggregated opinion is that they aren't turds, but some of the most fun and creative games so far this gen. If you only play them for 10 mins, that's your initiative.

spacedelete1496d ago

stop trying to be a hipster. if you read my comment you would know that i say there are exceptions like Outlast and resogun but 99% of the other indies are garbage. games like Stick it to the man and doki doki universe are some of the worst games i've ever played and even highly rated indie games like Fez bored me. theres nothing fun or even innovative like a game were you play as a octopus as a dad. thats just using shock factor. also i find it strange people are willing to play indies on a 50 inch TV for example. TV gaming is made for AAA. unless your playing on a 16 inch TV i can't see why anyone who would want to play phone quality games on a TV.

kingPoS1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Would you really want for there to be no indies games? I for one would be saddened if all I had to play were shooters, racers & fighters with multimillion dollar budgets. Sometimes though, the little games can be just as if not more enjoyable than it's more expensive brethren.

Hotline Miami, that game extrudes a retro-ness in it's simple but enjoyable gameplay. Dragon's Crown with it's rpg elements and it's crisp 2D graphics has kept me coming back for more.

I can appreciate games like those. Holding your hands out for only AAA's, that tends to let the gems slip through the cracks of your fingers. I should know, I'd of never played the amazing indie title Closure if I haven't given it a chance thanks to PS+.

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spacedelete1496d ago

Hotline Miami is another exception. i'm not saying there shouldn't be indies its just that they don't belong on consoles. they are something to play on a phone to pass some time not to play on a 50 inch TV. the PS4 has massive potential and its being used by games that don't belong on console.

1496d ago