Tearaway Unfolded: “50 percent of it is new.”

Hardcore Gamer: The upcoming PS4 version of the endearing Vita game Tearaway, Tearaway Unfolded, isn’t going to be a simple port.

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nX1189d ago

Must play for everyone who didn't get to play the Vita version, I might get it as well just to support the IP.

PeaSFor1189d ago

i already own it on vita, but the “50 percent of it is new.” seem to be a good justification to buy it on ps4(and oh my gawd....the game will look SOOOOO gud in 1080p!)

Army_of_Darkness1189d ago

It should also be 60fps easy, so I better not see anything less cause in all honesty, I'm not really even excited or impressed with LBP3 either. New Gameplay elements but graphically still ps3 quality in comparison to second son, shadow fall and even tomb raider definitive edition...

no_more_heroes1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

"50% of it is new"

Sounds like enough for most sequels, yet this is a port.

Spotie1189d ago

That's a good thing, right?

SoapShoes1189d ago

It's not a port or a sequel, it's a reimagining of the first game. Same concept, yet different.

Lucreto1189d ago

The best thing about this is my ugly mug won't appear in the sun every time there is a cut scene. I seem to make faces when I am concentrating on a game.

Bennibop1189d ago

I think the camera has optional support in the game.

WeAreLegion1189d ago

That's pretty awesome.

It was such a quick platinum. I wonder how much they'll sell it for.

I'm also hoping they add more creative stuff. I'd love a level editor, but they would have to add a lot to the game for that to happen.

Big_Game_Hunters1189d ago

Don't think they need a level editor with LBP3 set for this holiday. This and LBP will sell me a PS4 this December for sure though.

goldwyncq1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

This is like a giant middle finger to the vita - one of its best and only exclusive games gone.

SoapShoes1189d ago

If this was a PS4 game that eventually went to PS3, I could understand. However PS4 isn't a handheld. That's a game on iOS going to console and you saying you'd never use your phone again.

Master-H1189d ago

Partially true but since it didn't sell that much on the Vita, letting it there is a waste of a title that got exceptionally good reviews and is very creative.

KakashiHotake1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

That's not fair and I think your being selfish. This is a game many Playstation fans wanted to play, yet for people like myself who aren't big fans of the Vita it was impossible and now is possible. I could see if it were going to xbox One or even 3DS but it's staying home on Playstation where it belongs.

iamnsuperman1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

I have it on the Vita and I don't think it is. I actually encourage it. Hardly anyone bought the darn game the first time around and people really need to experience this game. It is phenomenal.

No point having an great exclusive go to waste. It barely sold half a million on the vita (I have seen 14k making the rounds)

delicia1189d ago

This. A lot of the people complaining don't even have a Vita. I'm all in for playing it again in new settings and graphics improvements.

goldwyncq1189d ago

MM should've made it an entirely new game instead of a partial port. Now there's even less reason to purchase a Vita, considering the better version exists on the PS4.

sonic9891189d ago

pretty much like when LBP went from PS3 to PS vita .
it doesnt make sense buddy .
its like saying why nintendo released new super mario bros U on wiiu and new super mario bros 2 on 3ds .
unfolded isnt a direct port its pretty much like the PS4 version of them .

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