PS4 Vs Xbox One Revisited: July 2014 Update

"Jake Baldino gives us a status report on where the two consoles - and the industry - stands as of right now."

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Jayszen1501d ago

Ho Hum...not much here we don't know about. Let's NOT talk about Xbone vs. PS4.

KakashiHotake1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Honestly it should be Xbox one vs Wii U because PS4 is almost a one man race now. Their only going to break even further apart from the competition next year with so many games coming out and yet to be announced, dare I even mention Morpheus, and graphically games are really starting to look better on PS4. Drive Club, Blood Borne, and the Order look leaps and bounds better than anything on Xbox One. Though I do admit that Sunset Over Drive looks pretty cool, but even Infamous First Light looks a lot better than that.

matt1391501d ago

Deluded fanboy confirmed.

Spotie1501d ago

Based on sales and momentum, he's right.

It's become the standard to think PS4 vs XB1, and the two are indeed the most similar in various aspects. But as it pertains to how each console is doing right now, the actual matchup is definitely XB1 vs Wii U.

funkybudda1501d ago


fanboy wearing green-tinted glasses confirmed.

BigShotSmoov0071501d ago

Funny thing is we seen this all before last gen. The PS3 came out falling way behind with an overpriced and cocky Sony company and it took the 360 and MS to put them in their place. Took them years but Sony finally caught up and passed the 360 in world wide sales. We are seeing that right now, MS got cocky and arrogant with their approach this time with an overpriced consoles and they are eating crow. We can easily see MS get back in this by next holiday cause we all now Sony have nothing as far as exclusives this holiday to push console sales. MS on the other hand have quite a few exclusive this holiday and next holiday so this is far from over.

AceBlazer131501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

The PS4 has more exclusives for the year of 2014 though so wtf are you talking about? The number of holiday exclusives are almost the same as well so you're still talking a lot of nonsense.

Forza Horizon 2
Project Spark
Sunset Overdrive
Halo MCC
Shape Up
Ori and Blind Forest

Natural Doctrine
Ethan Carter
Samurai Warriors 4
Little Big Planet 3
Guilty Gear Xrd

The XB1 literally only has one more announced exclusive for the holiday, and if Deep Down and PlanetSide come out of hiding then the PS4 either balances it or surpasses the XB1 in holiday exclusives. So how exactly does having 1 extra game this holiday make up for not having a single game since March.

MysticStrummer1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

This is almost nothing like last generation. PS3 came out a year later at a much higher price, and was harder for devs to work with so multiplats suffered. Despite that, PS3 outsold 360 pretty consistently from the very beginning.

This generation PS4 launched at the same time with more powerful hardware and is easier for devs to work with so multiplats perform better. We're halfway through August and most XB1 sales still happened in 2013.

BabyTownFrolics1501d ago

There is more to gaming than this.

qwerty6761501d ago

this guy just rubs me the wrong way.

thecowsaysmoo1501d ago

Too bad none of this matters for Sony. Sony is going to go bankrupt by 2016.

funkybudda1501d ago

sure, I can make prediction too...

MS going to realize spending money to buy more time exclusives are not great for the overall business strategy of the company, instead direct more money to catchup on other aspects such as their close-to-none-existence mobile market share and the ever shrinking windows license on desktop market. Probably laying off more people in 2015 and ditching focus on Xbox division.

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