11 Addictive Video Games You Had To Stop Yourself Playing

WC: "Many psychiatrists treat gaming literally as a drug, and - oh, sorry where were we? It's about time for another fix."

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DarkOcelet1495d ago

I am tired of this game 10 pages stuff , all i am sure about is that Fallout is in there somewhere , fallout 4 cant come soon enough .

scark921495d ago

Yes I hope a brave soul delves into this article to fish out each game, but I am not loading 12 to 11 pages.

thorstein1495d ago

The saddest thing about it is that with What Culture, we are actually getting some really good articles. But, after the 1st 10-15 articles that I clicked through (and enjoyed) I am just not doing it anymore. It is a waste of time for something that should be 2-3 pages.

Tetsujin1494d ago

I stated in another article about separate pages, and got massive hate, yet someone else does it and it's ok?

I had to quit Final Fantasy 11 because the game played me, I didn't play it. Once I left the game alone I started to slowly get back into the gaming industry without much trouble.

Clown_Syndr0me1494d ago

I have a big problem with addiction to MMOs. WoW and Tera cost me my college qualifications, I never finished.
SAMP RP servers cost me 2 jobs, almost my family. I stopped playing these games altogether a year and a half ago, some days I miss them so much but I know I can never play them again.
Must be something in my chemistry that cant handle them. I let those games take over my entire life, dictating when I slept and ate until my social life dwindled into nothingness.

jimjam34421494d ago

its good you understand youre addiction was your own fault. wow is not somthing your body needs to function, like food.
not hating at all, glad to see someone realizing that the only person to blame is themselves, then having the power to realize its not good for your life and moving on, weak individuals cannot do this.

Clown_Syndr0me1494d ago

For me I think I enjoyed the roleplaying more than the game itself. It came to a point where I enjoyed my characters lives more than my own, and in order to break the addiction I had to make a change in my own life to make me happy.
Turned out the only change I needed was to stop playing the games so I could actually focus on real life, it was like a vicious circle.

jimjam34421494d ago

if gaming is an addiction then mine is waning, last game i was excited for was dead space 3. and we all know how that turned out.
ive been literally addicted to somthing in real life, im not gonna say what as ill probably lose my last bubble, but, at worst, video games are only mentally addictive, as in your body still functions normally if you cant play them. a physical addiction means that without that thing you cannot function normally

Summons751494d ago

Only ones on there I can agree with are Peacewalker (well the entire MGS series in general), Civilization, and Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls in general).

WoW wasn't addicting, Tekken is fun as hell but easy to put down, GTA is boring after ten minutes but fun, Minecraft is ughhhh, Mass Effect 2 is great but not addicting, Dota2 isn't my cup of tea, sim city was addictive in the early 00s, and I just couldn't get into Rouge Legacy.

Tales of ..., Mario Kart, and Zelda should be on the list easily.

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The story is too old to be commented.