Dead Island 2: 10 Past Mistakes It Must Fix

WC: "Slice open that next button with your electrified cleaver, and we’ll take a look at 10 things that need to be fixed in Dead Island 2."

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jimjam34421501d ago

dont market youre game one way, then when it comes out only to find it doesnt even match the genre showed in the trailers.
in short dont mislead your customers.
this is the entire reason ive kinda been ignoring dying light.

qwerty6761501d ago

i now hate this game.

if i see one more stupid dead island 2 commercial with that douche bag runner.

urgh i get so mad when i see it.

Pillsbury11501d ago

Biggest thing to fix would be let you finish the game without some bug that prevents you from doing so.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1500d ago

Some of these past mistakes are rather stupid in our opinion. The better A.I. is stupid, pretty much all games can use this it has always been the case and always will probably. Or at least for the foreseeable future and stuff. WE mean it has gotten better the past few years but it is still lacking in some areas and stuff.

The next one we have a problem with is the character creation not all games need to give you the option of creating a character. Just because a game gives you the option doesn't make it a good game. If the character(s) that are offered to play as are strong, than it is a moot point.

The next one is the deadly choices one. On that it just depends on what sort of game they want to make. Some people like doing everything and going anywhere and doing things as they feel fit. Some people like open world games and others like more linear games. Either is fine for us really but a way around this is to have a time limit on completing certain side quests and stuff as some games do.

The final one that we found rather stupid was the less SyFy and more AMC one. Not everyone cares for The Walking Dead, so going that route isn't always a viable option. Also, as long as they stay whatever route/vision of the game it can turn out fine.

Scrivlar1500d ago

Definitely agree with the first point. If you shoot a zombie it the head it should go down that is the rule, unless it's a special type then maybe a few more hits or have different ways to take them out. Same goes with melee weapons it shouldn't take more than 1 or 3 hits to bash a zombies head in with a baseball bat.