The Order: 1886 Gameplay Video Shows Combat and What Happens When You Ignore a Grenade at Your Feet

The Order: 1886 is playable at Gamescom, and DualShockers was allowed to film the demo off the screen for your perusal.

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Software_Lover1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )


is this the same video from earlier?

Spinal1458d ago

I'm sorry but this game just looks terribly boring gameplay wise. It looks like a graphics showcase and thats about it.

When it comes to upcoming PS4 exclusives, WILD and Bloodborne are the ones to watch. I'm still excited for Destiny in a few weeks. my PS4 is gonna overheat lool.

XBLSkull1458d ago

I don't think it looks terribly boring but I also don't think it looks like anything special, just a standard third person shooter with some QTE.

sonarus1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

@Spinal i never give bubbles but i gave you bubble just for keeping it real

This game looks BOOOOORING AS *insert expletive of your choosing*. I don't even think the graphics are all that. And third person shooters are probably my favorite genre. If this game got delayed till infinity i'm not even sure i would notice. There are great games coming for ps4 but i just don't think this is it. I mean i want to play games with futuristic weapons i don't want to play games with futuristic weapons in the 1800's thats just dumb.

EDIT: i commented before i watched the video. So the graphics are a lil better than i thought lol. Still looks lame though lol

sinspirit1458d ago

@Spinal @sonarus

Uh. From almost no footage and without actually getting to look at all the weapons and creatures?

You should actually look into the game. This was a very basic demo that was clearly more oriented for getting people familiar with the game rather than throwing them into a diluted big enemy explosion fest.

extermin8or1458d ago

It looks like a solid third person shooter I think the story is going to hold most of the draw however from the gameplay trailer just released I think there's going to be a significant portion of the game that plays very differently to this involving the werewolves as enemies-that looks to be really good. I certainly don't think it looks boring...

Ezz20131458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

The order look -Generic- because it's 3rd person cover shooter with slow motion

QB look -Amazing- because it 3rd person cover shooter wit slow motion

sonarus1458d ago

Lol I actually thought quantum break looked very gimmicky at best. I am actually more of a playstation fanboy than most of you here (at least in terms of spent dollars). I had n64 not ps1 then became casual PC gamer. It took god of war on ps2 to get me back into gaming and I have been WELL in sony camp since then. I paid 600 bucks for ps3 which was shit at first even paid 60 bucks for lair but absolutely worth it by the time mgs4 released. I bought ps4 and currently intend to buy an xbox one... Eventually. I simply think the order is crap. I have been gaming for almost 2 decades and I can usually spot a good game when I see it. Most of the time I am right but can also be quite wrong. I could be wrong about this and quantum break. But the gun play looks really poor and the game looks way too linear. I can't imagine the game being good with poor gun play and linearity

Shake_Zula1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I'm not sure if you can classify this as boring with respect to what type of shooter that you like.

This particularly mimics the gameplay mechanics of the Gears of War franchise. So, if you liked that franchise, chances are you'll like this one too provided that a (good) story is told correctly.

I mean, let's not compare apples and oranges here. If CoD or BF# was your preference last gen, then honestly the notion that this game is crap seems to be redundantly moot at best. I'd more-so want those people to stay objective and want to hear the opinions of the third-person shooter fans specifically.

That's fair, right?

sonarus1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

well i honestly only played first gears and i probably wouldn't like it now and you are right this game seems very like gears of war. Uncharted has spoiled me too much. I remember the first gears beeing very slowish as far as movement anyway and you just run around taking cover and shooting. Uncharted on the other hand is a little more fast paced plus there are always epic moments that keep the over the top action looking great. Uncharted has tight mechanics, i like that you can bail from cover give a dude a drop kick real quick getting up and shooting a dude in the face before bailing into cover and all of this is done so seamlessly with great animation. I dunno if you can do this sort of stuff in gears 2 and 3 since i didn't play them but yea uncharted looks like 10x better than order to me.

Sheikh Yerbouti1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

The action and gameplay of that scene was 'meh' at best...something you see in every shooter. They probably saving the good stuff with the werewolves and the baddy at the end of the video for the real deal. We've already seen better and scarier too, so I'm not worried.

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FamilyGuy1458d ago

It's at 2:00 minutes in

Dude died and it went completely black but it restarted the scene right away. They'll probably a death screen on the final version unless, can't really imagine it being left just like that.

grailly1458d ago

I had a behind closed doors presentation and all deaths I've seen were a 1 second black screen and a restart, although the ones I saw were QTE fails

otherZinc1458d ago

Worst AI I've ever seen. Pop - up enemies...LMAO, gtfoh with this bs.

So, pop-up enemies, cutsceen, rinse & repeat.


Ezz20131458d ago

Now, tell me how you really feel ?

DigitalRaptor1458d ago

Poor guy.

Terrible AI is okay for your anticipated Xbox exclusives, but you have to find something of equal measure in a PlayStation exclusive...

As we've seen from you before, you downplay the games with factual inaccuracies and when proven wrong, you'll still end up calling the game garbage. We know you too well otherZinc.

FernGully1457d ago

It's funny how OtherZinc talked "Sales/NPD/SALES/NPD" ; every bloody month last gen!!! Now, when the NPDs come out, he morphs into a little girl who was just raped! Salty tears indeed mate! TitanFall and Kinect was his lord and Savior from December to the beginning of March, then the game failed to save his beloved Xbox from winning back the American soil he so desperately held on to! Then Phil Spenser(a great man,by the way) made OtherZinc and all the other girls like him experience that time of the month by unbundling his beloved Kinect. He still resents him for that, as OtherZinc feels a $500 BONE would've beat out the PS4. He's been praying a LOOOOOONG time mate, a loooooong time for ANY Sony exclusive game to not sale well like all of them have! Pray harder mate! Pray harder! Perhaps Drive Club will be the one! LMAO!!!

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oasdada1458d ago

I dnt get it... why the FFF isnt any1 posting the new order tesla trailer from gamescom?! :S it has new gplay footage

OsirisBlack1457d ago

Simple it makes the game look fun and interesting and also shows a variety of different locations and gameplay types. We cannot make this game look fun can we?

3-4-51458d ago

I think the story and setting and atmosphere is going to be the big selling point with this game.

Especially if they hint at a sequel.

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Strangelover1458d ago

Let me compare Quantum Break and The Order 1886:
Both games are third person cover based shooters
Both main characters have the ability to slow time
Both games look spectacular
Both games have cutscenes (QB has not only cutscenes but also TV show while The Order does NOT have TV show)
However according to Xbox fans The Order is "a generic boring movie"
EDIT: QB is being developed by a creator of legendary Max Payne
The Order is being developed by a studio who used to make only PSP games

incendy351458d ago

You don't slow time in QB you control it. Slowing is just one aspect of that. You can freeze time, and also manipulate space in time in frozen time "mind blown". Plus as you say, QB is made by the legendary studio Remedy who has never made a less than spectacular game.

The Order doesn't look bad, but I am definitely not sold on it based on what we have seen or know of the studio.

cleft51458d ago

You are kidding yourself if you think there aren't just a bunch of preset abilities dealing with time manipulation in QB. I love remedy, but lets not deceive ourselves.

hulk_bash19871458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Daxter, God of War CoO and GoS are some of the best games on the PSP. So I don't doubt their ability to make great gaming experiences.

Rowco1471458d ago

Max payne 1 and 2 both had a hard time finishing for me. Very linear and repetitive

Rowco1471458d ago

Both QB and the Order should be great games. The order looks more realistic where as QB looked cartoony to me

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KarmaV121458d ago

I'm an Xbox fan and I don't think it's "a generic boring movie". However I am getting the destiny bundle and can't wait to try this out. It's something different and sometimes that's what we need. It looks like it will have a great story.

tgunzz1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I'm an xbox fan as well. Both the order, and quantum break will download to my consoles. Both look to supply engaging, and spectacular atmospheres... Can you imagine being able to go from one of these games to the other. The house of gunzz isn't one thats devided, all great games are welcomed... Game on!

gootimes1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Great points! lol

The order looks incredible.

QB looks great too, I love those kinds of games.

Spotie1458d ago

Quantum Break is still the only XB1 game that interests me, but it seems like every week, Microsoft is giving me another reason to not want to give them my money.

Not that I'm much inclined, anyway.

As for The Order, I'm still keen to pick it up. I know I've still got time, but hopefully I won't be so backlog-swamped that it takes me a while to get around to it.

KarmaV121458d ago

Don't blame Microsoft for giving you reasons not to buy an Xbox One, blame all the fanboys who trash it. The xbox one has done nothing but get much better since Phil took the lead and will only continue

Rimgal1458d ago

Don't bother yourself with trolls, they are just like kids who think is cool to praise a piece a plastic. In 5 years when they turn 12 they will laugh of the pathetic things they say now. Some of them I think they are adorable, saying silly things just to be cool.

O.T. Either The Order and Q.B. look great for me. I will most likely buy both.

gobluesamg1458d ago

I agree. As a Sony console only gamer at the moment I am a bit envious of Quantum Break. It looks fantastic. However, you won't hear XBox fans giving The Order any love

iamnsuperman1458d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by QB. I will wait till it comes out to see about getting it or not but so far I think it is going to be a good game

dastar1011458d ago

I like Xbox, I also think The Order 1886 looks amazing

Sheikh Yerbouti1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Scalebound look to be my reasons for owning a XBOne this Christmas. But I can't wait to play the Order when my buddy gets his PS4 this Christmas after only having a PS3 for three years.

Game & Spread Love.

ghostface91458d ago

qb you slow and control time the order you hit a button and slow time like every other shooter thats ever used it before comparing those like their the same is a joke. Also qb has a superiior developer in remedy both look good but I think qb is going to be the better of the two

FamilyGuy1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Wasn't there a game called Blinkx that controlled time like Quantum Break? There's also that Prince of Persia game where in both cases it was more than just a "bullet time" effect?

I believe Blinkx was on the original Xbox and you played as Blinkx the cat.

edit: "Blinx"

LordMaim1458d ago

Thimeshift had the same features in 2007, so QB isn't breaking new ground either. A game doesn't have to be unique to be good or fun. We'll see how they both turn out.

Lawboy21458d ago

I was coming into to say how good the game looks after watching the trailer on the ps4...and I get why the hell are you even talking about xbox one on a playstation article...can we please not do these things watching the official trailer on my ps4 I think they are trying to sell me on this looks amazing and the story looks like it may be good....

Well it looks like this will be my next ps4 game purchase after destiny

Strangelover1458d ago

Because when I compare these games in the comments under Xbox article I get massively downvoted by Xbox fans who are upset that I compare Microsoft's best studio with PSP developer

MegaRay1458d ago

So anyone doesnt like "the order" is an xbox fan? What I really want the order's developers is to make handheld games. Thier psp games rock. And the vita really need games. Or atleast make games similar to their psp games for PS4 NOT make another shooter.
Waste of talents in my opinion (again this is just my opinion)

Azzanation1458d ago

Nice double standards. Didn't PS fanboys hate on Ryse for having too much QTE and being linear? But now The Order is ok? Didn't every PS fanboy hate on Forza 5 due to lack of content yet Drive Club has even less cars yet that's fine?

You only prove to me and the rest of this site and gaming community how bias and blind some people really are. For the record Quantum Break plays more like Uncharted, its a action/cinematic/adventure game where The Order is like Ryse, its a visual/linear/QTE game.

kenshiro1001457d ago

It's like they're not even trying anymore.

I don't know about anyone else but this game looks absolutely amazing.

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fanboysmackdown1458d ago

Game looks great and props to RaD to include Tesla in the game. Now I'm even more excited for this game. Tesla was the shit!

i3eyond the Circle1458d ago

Title should say what happens when you miss a shot in the on rails section between tight free play corridors.

Game looks good but I'm not liking the limited's a little slow in gameplay whereas the on rail sections seem to bring the fast pacing.

SaveFerris1458d ago

Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning?

The same thing that happens to everything else.