Hellblade – The Heavenly Sword Connection Examined

Dealspwn writes: Hellblade was announced to be in development this week during Sony’s Gamescom presser. All we had to go on was a brief trailer with no signs of gameplay. But the short reveal was enough to get gamers thinking that the new Ninja Theory game was the long-awaited Heavenly Sword sequel. Join us for a deeper look at what we know so far and we’ll examine the connections between the two games.

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bggriffiths1461d ago

Before someone beats me to it: Yep, Kai and Senua's noses look a little different in the comparison shot (which uses concept art for Senua). But the CG images look more similar.

morganfell1461d ago

There is a larger difference. As I stated days ago here:

"If people look at the video closer there are actually a few clues. The video commences with a paraphrase of Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil. Depending on the translator, the full quote is, "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you."

The standing stones around the central character are literally covered in Norse Runes. Line after line. Such stones are normally associated with ceremonial traditions and practices in Asatru.

The circle on which she kneels is the symbol known as
Vegvisir - The Compass, and is intended to help one find their way in rough weather meaning trying times rather than literal conditions.

From what I can see on the blade it spells HEL SWERD (HEL SWERT) which is close to Futhark Norse and only off by one rune to spell Hell Sword.

The gold buckle appears to have a serpent on it and if so can only be Jormungand.

The person strung up in front of her appears to have been executed/sacrificed using the Viking technique known as the Blood Eagle.

The ring on her left handle middle finger has Norse Runes but I cannot make them out for a translation.

When the words Hellblade appear at the end it overlies the Norse symbol of Vegvisir."

Heavenly Sword had an almost Eastern setting to it while this is definitely Norse. Also there is the fact that Sony owns the Heavenly Sword IP, not Ninja Theory. Do you really think Sony would allow their IP to be published on a competing console? No. And this is being independently published by NT. It definitely is not HS related.

That said, on the teaser alone and due to it's inclusion of so many elements of my heritage, and the history of NT which I actually enjoy, it is a day one buy for me on those strengths alone.

wastedcells1461d ago

Heavenly Sword - Hell Blade...... Sounds like they relate in that they are opposites but we know that that's not the case. However smart on their part for making it feel like some kind of spiritual successor. Both had female leads. One is heaven one is hell. One is a sword other a blade. Interesting play here by ninja theory.

bggriffiths1461d ago

Also @Abriel regarding your report: if you bothered to read the piece I at no point mislead the reader that I have seen the game in action. Previews have always been a wide-ranging term too in my experience writing/reading. Buy anyway, it's 'fixed' now. Enjoy the view on all us commoners from your high horse pal.

Kurisu1461d ago

In a way HellBlade is like what Dark Soul's is to Demon's Souls: A spiritual successor.I loved Heavenly Sword but it was too short and the game play wasn't as deep as it could have been. If Nariko could have even just jumped it would have opened up a whole new move set! With that said Heavenly Sword still remains one of my favourite PS3 games, so I look forward to see where Ninja Theory go with this.

Tony-Red-Grave1461d ago

Hopefully they take from the DmC combat. To me that style has alot of potential and the system itself needs to be fleshed out. With more weapons/moves Hellblade would benefit from on-the-fly styled switching between weapons.

This, of course, is under the presumption that it'll have that style of combat. If it can lock at 60FPS and has a mix between DmC and heavenly sword it could be a game to look out for. All that's left is a compelling story/character(s)....

CorndogBurglar1461d ago

I loved Heavenly Sword and never understood why a follow up was never made.

Spotie1461d ago

Ninja Theory got it in their heads that the game not seeing better sales was everyone's fault but theirs.

rainslacker1461d ago

As much as I would like this to be connected to Heavenly Sword in some way, it probably just isn't.

This is probably about as connected to Heavenly sword as Xenosaga was connected to Xenogears.

Likely supposed to be part of the story, but due to legal ownerships over IP's and characters, it just had to be it's own thing.

What I see now is what happened with Xenosaga. Some people making connections that while likely supposed to be true by it's creator, aren't actually there for the story of the game.