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PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne’s Gameplay Video Shows Fantastic Graphics, Transformable Axe Weapon

While filming Bloodborne at Gamescom wasn’t allowed, apparently things were different at Festigame in Spain, or maybe security just wasn’t as tight, and a lovely gameplay video surfaced on Youtube (Bloodborne, PS4)

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mafiahajeri  +   35d ago
This looks so good, hope it doesn't get delayed.
HeWhoWalks  +   35d ago
I'd prefer it be delayed if it means the game would benfit from it. Fortunately, no such thing has even been mentioned, so there's nothing to worry about.
Bloodborn  +   35d ago
I'll dig it even deeper and say I want it to be delayed :D
I'll be busy with Witcher3, Dying Light, The Order 1886 and probably Batman & Mortal Kombat in early 2015... I would prefer to see Bloodborne completely polished in May or June 2015 to keep me busy during the summer drought.
BiggCMan  +   35d ago
Dat Metal Gear trailer in the background hahaha.

But yea this game looks awesome, i'm so excited for it. If it's supposed to come out in March, that would be wonderful considering it was only just announced 2 months ago!

I wish more games would be announced and released inside 12 months. Far Cry 4 is the same thing and that looks pretty good too.
Mexxan  +   35d ago
Looks good, gameplay looks stilted and no heavy knight armour to show for it.
DarXyde  +   35d ago

On topic, the gameplay looks great. The world is incredibly gothic and gritty in its detail. I'm getting a combination of Tower of Latria and Anor Londo if Gwynevere is "killed".

Looking incredibly promising! I loved Demon's Souls the most, but this looks to be a contender for top spot in these types of games from FromSoft.
Master-H  +   35d ago
It's a shame that only noobs get to try out the game, out of 5 or six vids i've seen of it and only one where the guy playing actually locked on while fighting instead of casually swinging around.
Big-finger  +   35d ago
to be fair locking on can sometimes be disastrous like in Demon/Dark Souls
SpinalRemains138  +   35d ago
Hell yes.

Lock on only great for projectile weaponry. Real warriors dont need to stay pointed toward their opponent or miss unless locked on. Noob is locking on actually.
telekeneticmantis  +   35d ago
Guilty Gear in the background wooh!I like what they're doing with this game,diversity in this game is interesting, I hope it has purpose(i.E. Some enemies require certain types of attacks maybe blunt instruments break their armor, sharp weapons leave open bleeding wounds)
falviousuk  +   35d ago
Fantastic, Amazing, Superlative, Stunning, Gobsmackingly good, Jaw dropping and lots of other superlatives that are over used only on PS articles from certain bullshit sites
Twiggy  +   35d ago
PockyKing  +   35d ago
He's talking about the Amazing, Stunning, Drooling buzz words sites use.
gootimes  +   35d ago
But only on PS articles because there is a huge conspiracy against Microsoft.
saint_seya  +   35d ago
I guess not been on your console of choise make em not that good right?
OT: this game looks great, but i hope is like the souls series, as long as its close to that im happy xD
funkybudda  +   35d ago

yep, only on PS4 and not purchasable by MS like the Tomb Raider game...
G20WLY  +   34d ago
Trolling, Bad Language, Off Topic, Moaning, Whining and lots of other nonsense on PS articles from certain so-called 'gamers'... ;^P

Watch the video, comment on it; it's not that hard.

For me? Looks very pretty, loving the atmospheric visuals, hoping the sound is on par and that they can keep the gameplay varied enough throughout the game. Definitely on my 'one-to-watch' list!

Shame the person they filmed playing it spends most of his time swinging at the street lights, stagecoaches and the like, but I guess he needed to test the controls out..! :)
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ps4fanboy  +   35d ago
Give it to me nowwwww!
Sh0ckWav3  +   35d ago
Looks like DmC...when is this coming out?

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