Silent Hill 2 retrospective: Horror sequel that still gives us chills

Resident Evil reigned unchallenged in the survival-horror genre until Silent Hill came along, offering fans a chillingly psychological alternative to the cheap scares of the Capcom series.

The game's 2001 sequel provided an opportunity for Konami to prove it was capable of delivering the ultimate fright fest, harnessing the power of the recently-released PlayStation 2 to achieve things that were impossible the first time around.

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DarkOcelet1458d ago

I really loved every silent hill on the ps2 , and i still think silent hill 4 is underrated and it had an awesomely disturbing atmosphere and i loved how Henry really says so little :) , silent hill 3 on the other hand had a sad story with its shocking moments which i really thought was well done and the machinegun was a great addition . Silent hill 2 was just on a league on its own , not one game in the series came close to just how well done it was . It has to be experienced as i cant say how really good it just is ... honestly silent hill is really an amazing experience , and i thought homecoming and downpour was great too . Oh and shattered memories was a great different take on the original .