Video Games need Superman

Superman; he stands for everything that justice should be and yet a great injustice has been put onto us gamers the world around. Superman is arguably the greatest hero the world over and yet gamers have been burned by his presence time and time again. It is safe to say at this point that no publisher or developer dares take a shot at creating a game that stars the man of steel. Many have tried for many of years now and all have failed in one way or another. In comic book and in film, fans of the superhero have been able to enjoy him in all his glory in one way or another, but not us gamers. It is our time to get the Superman we all have always wanted; it is our time to get the Superman we deserve.

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ShadowedMare1434d ago

Man, I remember Superman for the Atari 2600. Back in the day, it was a great game (and yes, I'm THAT old - LOL). Great article BTW. I'd love to see Supes get his due with an epic, next-gen game.

iamnsuperman1434d ago

Cough Cough

OT: interesting to see but it could be quite difficult (being what superman can do)

wastelander751434d ago

Hey if Rocksteady can put Bats back on the map, think of what they could do with Supes.