The Winner In The War Between Xbox One, PS4 And Wii U Is… Everyone

Renewed interest in the next-generation console wars has lead many to again question which of the three -- Playstation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo's Wii U -- has really come out on top.

But ultimately, does it matter?

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randomass1711375d ago

You can argue who's got it best but you can't say nobody is getting something cool. If I could afford it I'd get all three consoles because of the exclusives each one is getting.

mrpsychoticstalker1375d ago

The Xbox of course. Better games, better features, better exclusives.

funkybudda1375d ago

The best way to describe what you said:

"If I weren't crazy, I'd be insane!" - Joker from Batman: Dark Detective

You are clearly both.

Immorals1375d ago

Why is he insane? It's his opinion. Whilst the ps4 has some really good exclusives, I personally prefer the offerings from Microsoft. I

ziggurcat1375d ago


because he's trying to pass opinion off as fact - the part missing from his post is, "I think they have..."

Blueraven3161374d ago

What are these great offerings from MS?

ziggurcat1375d ago


"The Xbox of course"

not even close

"Better games, better features, better exclusives"

no, and yet again that's opinion, not fact. the *fact* is sony showed more exclusives, and more new IPs at gamescom than MS.

Blueraven3161374d ago

Xbox doesn't have a big fanbase like ps4 whomp whomp

700p1375d ago

Xbox also has the better fanbase. Xbox <3

PaleMoonDeath1375d ago

Don't think so, the real winner is the people who can afford all of these machines alongside one hell of a gaming PC, the common person has to choose amongst these ways of playing and it usually comes down to the best value.

Me, being able to afford just a PS4 made the right move meaning I know what I was buying and what to expect down the road, nobody truly wins here apart from the bloated rich folk.

Spotie1375d ago

Why always this cop-out?

We're not competing in this war, so how do we win? How does a spectator of a race win instead of the competitor that emerges victorious?

maniacmayhem1375d ago


I love how these articles make you upset now that the PS4 is ahead. You had no problems with these articles last gen when the PS3 wasn't ahead.

Now all of a sudden "it's cop-out" talk from you. How quickly we forget our past.

randomass1711375d ago

We win because we have fun playing awesome entertainment and the big three make money so they can keep giving us more. Being a spectator in this race is the best part because you don't have to have any real commitment to any one of them. You can pick and enjoy anything you want.

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The story is too old to be commented.