Assassin’s Creed Unity Will Be More Challenging Than Previous Games

GeekParty writes: "It’s hard to find an Assassin’s Creed fan that doesn’t have complaints about the long-running series. Some fans find the missions to be far too repetitive, while others are disappointed that the series has never lived up to its full potential. More than anything else, fans seem frustrated by the lack of challenge it offers.

But Assassin’s Creed Unity is poised to change that."

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DualWielding1498d ago

Of course it'll be more challenging, so challenging on fact that you won't be able to beat it without spending money in microtransactions

dcj05241498d ago

Not even. Get off your horse man.

3-4-51498d ago

They said 5 enemies would be too tough to take on all at once, and that would be pretty realistic.

You would need to run away or use another strat.

I think it adds to the realism.

TimidPixel1498d ago

So no more wiping out a mob of people with counter moves. I hope the new kill moves are worth the extra effort to use.

masterfox1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

not joking people every video shown of Unity has bore me until getting sleepy. :/

Theres no doubt I'm skipping this one, is a shame the Ubisoft didn't followed Black Flags gameplay variation, not necessarly the game has to have big ships and travel by sea, there are other ways to add variation to its gameplay, but this time they are focusing only in climbing buildings ? really ? lol ok then, they just save me 64.11 bucks ;)

aLucidMind1498d ago

Wouldn't you say the climbing mechanics in just about all the AC games have been rather stiff, though? Same with the free-running altogether? I don't quite see why focusing heavily on improving the free-running aspect is something to turn down the game.

It can indeed add a lot of variation if it is fluid enough and done well enough. And this may even translate to combat improvements as well since the fluidity in the free-running mechanics is a much more complex task to pull off than simple combat mechanics, since combat doesn't require as much movement. This focus may resolve a lot of the issues when it comes to gameplay and make it feel fresh.

Baka-akaB1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Blackflag gameplay variations ?

See i love blackflag , but all it did was hiding underlying issues from AC3 (and the serie as a whole) with the fun pirate ship captain angle ... It was enough after AC3 and to change pace but enough of that kind of placebo .

The fighting was mediocre , the game was barely about assassinations and the few of those sucked . Unity seems to be a return to AC2 form , arguably the best , while offering a challenge more in line with AC1 combat (and hopefully even harsher , as it was already easy back then)

jimjam34421498d ago

i hope so, ac4 and 3 were like watching a dude beat everyones ass then back to watching poorly made storytelling unfold that has nothing to do with the main overarching story.

Master-H1498d ago

The combat imo is the thing that needs revamping the most, in AC4 not only is the combat so easy and casual like AC3, but the animations are poor and glitchy half of the time the sound effects of swords and stuff don't even work.

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