Digital High Podcast – COD Copying Titanfall Gone Too Far?

The Digital High guys are back to supply you with your weekly dose of entertainment news and discussion. With Gamescom over there’s a ton of trailers and announcement to talk about. Does any of the news change how we feel about the PS4 or Xbox One? Also, does Call of Duty’s multiplayer copy Titanfall or is it just a coincidence? As a bonus for this week, Aaron has an announcement regarding his direct involvement with the charity Extra Life.

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SuicideKing1458d ago

I really dig titanfall,I am still playing it. But I think better/more movement options is just the natural progression of competive fps.
If you re familiar with the tribes games then this shows how ahead of its time those games were.

AstroCyborg1457d ago

god i hate retards i love how these morons act like tf was so original all that game did was copy other games but if cod does that its the worst thing ever

AstroCyborg1457d ago

these idiots clearly didn't watch the reveal or gameplay footage