Halo Boss Bonnie Ross Talks Xbox One Focus, Halo 5, Master Chief Collection PC Rumors and More

During the post-show of Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference I had a chance to interview the charming 343 Industries Studio Head Bonnie Ross, who provided quite a few interesting details about the studio’s focus on Xbox One, the rumors on a PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection and more

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Software_Lover1459d ago

They're really screwed either way.

Don't make it, we get blog after blog about why Microsoft hates PC gamers.

Make it, we get blog after blog about why you don't need to buy an Xbox One.

WTF do you do? If I were in charge I would say F' it and just make it, AND, release it same day. Would hardware sales be hurt? Probably. But the software sales would be pretty good I'm thinking especially if you do the steam preorder discount.

jdktech20101459d ago

They probably will release but not day and date with the xbox one version.

I could see them releasing the Collection around the time of Halo 5 to get PC players hooked on Halo and make them want to buy an xbox one and halo 5.

BitbyDeath1459d ago

Yep, 6 months before release of Halo 5 would be smart.

Whore_Mouth1458d ago

That makes excellent sense from a marketing perspective.

pompombrum1459d ago

At the end of the day, if you're a massive Halo fan, you should own the current generation Xbox. If PC gamers care so much, they can go buy an Xbox One. Anyone who'd expect Microsoft to release this on PC when they have a huge sales gap to close with the PS4, is just being naive.

Razputin1459d ago

I get what you are saying, and to an extent I agree, but myself personally, I wouldn't do it.

Its like me driving a Porsche and then going to a Honda because it has an iPod player or something, you get it.

If Xbox One had a lot more exclusives I'd see a lot more PC gamers jumping ship to play those games.

I'm getting the White Xbox One with Sunset Overdrive, this is really for the white console and partially the game.

I stopped gaming on consoles after I built my PC in 09, and all I've had to do was upgrade the GPU since then. I can still run games maxed out 1080p.

For the exclusives I am going back to console, because they do look great, but I'd rather see them on PC.

ScorpiusX1459d ago

Keep Chief on Xbox and only Xbox.

Allsystemgamer1459d ago

He's already on PC there bud.

1459d ago
ScorpiusX1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Am tired of the PC group wanting any MS related games , want games create them . should be possible you are the master race. Why Beg for games . It's sad ,

bmf73641459d ago

Chief started on PC too, bub. Microsoft wants to rebuild it's PC fanbase because PC IS the future of core gaming. Microsoft has NEVER raked in profit from their Xbox Division and the Halo Collection PC will guarantee profit for Microsoft on Steam.

1459d ago
OpieWinston1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Microsoft hasn't raked in plenty of profits from Xbox? What drugs are you smoking?
I don't think you understand anything about the Computing and Gaming division of Microsoft.

But let me make this clear to you, MS PC development team is separate from Xbox development...PC development is in charge of games like Rise of Nations/Age of Empires/Age of Mythology future.

Halo MC Collection wouldn't make good profits on PC, it'd make a bit of money but would hurt MS more in the long run due to missing out on Hardware/Software profits from it.

Fact...People pay for Gold membership on Xbox One, an ongoing subscription fee that is only paid if they have online games like Halo/Gears to play.

So wake up kid...
And Halo was ORIGINALLY going to be a Mac exclusive...not PC. Get your facts straight.

bmf73641459d ago

Microsoft on record, lost a total of $12 billion on the gaming industry to try and deliberately shoot down Sony.

DougLord1459d ago

Announce it summer 2015. Release it AFTER Halo 5, say Q1 2016

Alabamarolltide19901459d ago

She's already said multiple times they have no
Plans for a release on PC. Maybe MCC in will go on PC in a
Few years but she's said in other interviews no plans for
PC anytime soon. Good why is it everyone wants Halo to be on PC as well. Is
Xbox not allowed to have exclusive

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Trekster_Gamer1459d ago

It's easy, to play Halo 1-4 in there best itteration to date, and soon 5 get an Xbox One. Don't cry or bitch about it, get an Xbox One and experience some of the very best games ever made!

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