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Pokemon World - Open-World Free Pokemon Game Powered By CRYENGINE - Gets New Update Video

YouTube’s member ’18T220′ is currently working on a Pokemon game that will be powered by CRYENGINE. Pokemon World is an open-world free game and 18T220 has released a new video update, showing the latest pre-alpha build. (PC, Pokemon World)

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nX  +   384d ago
Unfortunately this will be taken down before it gets momentum. I hate Nintendo for not making a 3D Pokemon game, I can't enjoy the handheld versions anymore.
gaffyh  +   383d ago
Exactly. If this ever gets to the point where it is some sort of game (at the moment it's just some environments and static monsters), Nintendo will get it taken down. This is the one thing I hate about Nintendo, they could have made a 3D Pokemon by now if they really wanted to, but they keep doing minor progressions and stifle the franchise continuously. I love the Pokemon games, but the fact that they were 2D 18 years ago, and are still pretty much 2D now (3DS versions are again, just a minor step up), is ridiculous.
telekineticmantis  +   383d ago
Why are people playimg with my emotions?.. For a minute, I thought this was real. Back to smh at Nintendo, highway robbery those handheld versions...
RedDevils  +   383d ago
I wish Sony just buy the whole IP and let their own studio bring the Pokemon game to life
NintySonySoft  +   383d ago
Sorry but Pokemon Belongs at nintendo. I can't see it going with either sony or microsoft at all lol.
voodoochild346  +   383d ago
Nintendo selling pokemon? You're funny...
ABizzel1  +   383d ago
Never going to happen, Pokemon is the second best selling IP of all time (right behind Mario), and realistically it's the fastest selling IP of all time.

Nintendo will never let it go, but it would be nice if Sony made their own, which is beyond insane to me that it hasn't happened yet considering they have Folklore, Ni No Kuni, and Invizimals all pretty much there.

OT: I don't think cry engine is the engine for an open-world 3D Pokemon, or at least not that art-style.
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Patrick_pk44  +   383d ago
@NintySony And Nintendo is the one who is killing Pokemon. It is the same game every year with minor changes, or no changes at all. The only thing that changes is the character and some new Pokemons. Nintendo will always stick to the handheld version because it sells, and will probably never release a 3D Wii U Pokemon.
-Foxtrot  +   383d ago
This is the next step of Pokemon's evolution and Nintendo want to keep the game in the past. It's only recently with X and Y we got a major overhaul but lets be honest the content was lacking, especially after the main story finishes. Kind of miss the down point view aswell when exploring the world.
Kaimu  +   383d ago
I don't know what Nintendo is waiting for? -_-

Something like this should have existed ages ago
TimeSkipLuffy  +   383d ago
they already having a hard time with switching to 1080p...
levian  +   383d ago
It's not that they can't, it's that it would be too much "work". They like not having to change anything (essentially, I know there are minor improvements each iteration) between games. They've essentially been making the same game for all these years and making an insane profit.

They see no need to even attempt to make something like this. They don't have the experience in those type of games, so why bother wasting the time and effort to try to make it?

But damn, I wish they did..
Sirlancealot  +   383d ago
It's not even that it doesn't make business sense to make a 3D Pokemeon game(I like Digimon btw). They could make an insane 3d Pokemon game now but that wouldn't leave them with enough room to continuously milk the cash cow and unfortunately that's what Pokemon is. If the next game that was 2d didn't do well it would force their hand in making greater leaps in Pokemon game design in order for them to profit again.
levian  +   383d ago
Definitely, that's probably the biggest reason. They're releasing Pokemon games at a rate of one every year, one main game and one remake (TBH not sure what they're gonna do after Ruby/Sapphire remake - just make a direct sequel once a year?)

The only solution I can see that gets us the 3D/open world Pokemon we want, and the yearly purchases they want, is to introduce new pokemon yearly through DLC rather than making an entirely new huge console game every year.

I don't like most DLC, but if it wasn't done in a terrible way I'd consider it. However, if they made us buy every Pokemon, or say a 3 pack or something for an entire set of 100 new Pokemon, it'd be a no-go for me.
-Foxtrot  +   383d ago
Have to agree

Nintendo making solid, well crafted games but once they get to 100% in development that's it...DONE. They wouldn't add more things and go the extra mile

Remember when Uncharted 3 was coming out and NaughtyDog said "We went with a sand setting because sand particles are hard for us to do, we wanted the challenge"....if that was Nintendo they would of went

"A sand setting? Oh god no the sand particles would be way too hard, lets just do what we've done before"

Nintendo never go the extra mile and challenge themselves.
TheGamingArt  +   383d ago
Well, that was actually pretty unimpressive and simple to make. It's one thing to animate and create logic for a battle system and live interactions in the world with pokemon, it's another thing to just model everything and throw it together and say... my stuff is awesome....
spence52490  +   383d ago
I don't understand would spend all this time knowing nintendo is going to bury this. I hope he's not hoping they'll try and pick this up, their devs would have a great laugh at this. I guess one could dream though.
trenso1  +   383d ago
as cool at this the fact that it is in first person doesnt make me want to play it. but it looks amazing so far i hope the let us play 3rd person f they dont get C&D
CyrusLemont  +   383d ago
I don't really understand what legal grounds Nintendo has over a fan creation? How could they stop this game being made and freely distributed. The guy obviously wouldn't charge for it and it wouldn't be distributed through any store or company. I'm confused, there are plenty of fan creations for TV shows, movies, comics, other games etc. how is this any different?
spence52490  +   383d ago
They have plenty of legal grounds. Every single pokemon is trademarked. The names, designs, items, all of that. The developers would have no chance at battling nintendo in court over this. Free or not, they are using property that doesn't belong to them. The other important thing to understand is that if something like this got to big it could potentially lose nintento money. If people want a game like this from nintendo, stop buying the handheld games. They sell way to well for nintento to think about going in a different path.
CyrusLemont  +   383d ago
Got it! I guess they could just alter the sh*t out of everything like Micromon did and release it then yeah? Nintendo's pockets are already hurting because they aren't releasing a console version. It's a different platform, particularly on PC, so I can't see why it would hurt them anyway. The handheld crowd isn't going to drop their games because of a fan-made PC game.

Plus, just because there are handheld games, doesn't mean there can't be a console version as well! I'd like to see Nintendo have their X and Y on handhelds, and the Z version of the game on consoles. That would be pretty awesome.

To be perfectly honest, if Nintendo still hasn't gotten round to making a goddamn console game, it should be f*****g legal for fans to make it themselves.
Paprika  +   383d ago
The Wii u needs a mmorpg pokemon game. Imagine training your pokemon for player driven tournaments. Or "live events" in areas when pokemon appear and everybody in that area competing to capture it. Gyms challenged and ruled byplayers too, pokemon breeding too, general mmorpg stuff like creating your own character... it could be powered by a nice cell shaded engine too, like wind waker or something. It'd be huge IMO, link it up to the Ds versions too somehow.

Edit: I totally abused the word "too" in this post!
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Rivitur  +   383d ago
How may of these are there? I hope Nintendo doesn't stick its nose I to this thing its free for god sakes and lord knows they aren't releasing something like this anytime soon.
HexxedAvenger  +   383d ago
This looks pretty cool. Wish Nintendo and Gamefreak would catch a hint. I mean, yes it'll be a lot of work to make a living breathing pokemon MMO. But it'll be well worth it. People (as well as myself) would play the game to death. Might even put a Wii-U or any Nintendo console in everyone's home. My Wii-U awatis. xD
Codewow  +   383d ago
The one thing I require from this game is awesome battle scenes.

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