The Co-op Podcast 86: Do Gamers Act LIke Spoiled Brats?

Gary Swaby of The Koalition writes: This week was Gamescom 2014 and there was lots of exciting news from the event. One of the biggest announcements was the news that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be exclusive to the Xbox One in 2015. This news sent shock-waves through the internet, and we've since seem petitions and death threats. With all of this chaos over a timed exclusive title, are gamers too spoiled? Be sure to listen to us rant over all the outrage that has come from the announcement. We also give our own opinions on the exclusive deal itself.

Also discussed:

Metal Gear Solid V (Ground zeroes and The Phantom Pain) is coming to the PC. It may not be a huge megaton announcement, but does this move show that the PC platform is beginning to gain more respect from mega-publishers? Does Steam now have a user base that publishers cannot ignore?

Kojima is making a silent hill game, but how will his influence affect the game?

Is Hellblade meant as a spiritual s...

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otherZinc1462d ago

This should be another great cast.

Z5011462d ago

The title is completely wrong. All they do is talk about Sony gamers. Not gamers in general.

The title makes it seem neutral. It's not.