Witcher 3 Will Not Use Any Special Graphical Features of PS4 & Xbox One, Will Not Use Hardware MSAA

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a gorgeous looking game and CD Projekt are trying to deliver the same experience across the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One."

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johndoe112111430d ago

"We always want to provide the best possible experience to all our gamers regardless of the platform and so we are not aiming to develop special graphical features for any of them"

This HAS to be the biggest PR BS contradicting statement I have ever seen from a developer. Did that guy think about what he was saying? How the hell do you deliver the best possible experience to every one by aiming for parity?. By his logic I hope the PC version does not look better than the console versions and they aim for parity across board.

MightyNoX1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

It vexes me how CD Projekt went from standing against everything Microsoft stood to basically **** riding Microsoft this gen.


-DRM is bad
- We started GOG so PC users can have more options
- We love PC
- Push graphics spectrum!


- DRM is good
- options are bad
- PC users can suck it
- 1080p is a mythical resolution

vishmarx1430d ago

agreed. this is bull.
i admit i dont have a capable p so ill probably be playing this on ps4 but this isnt the cdpr i knew.

theyre the ones who still roll out balancing mods and free dlc for witcher 2.
and now theyre just busy praising drm and MS. you cant make the best possible version without using their special features.
i have a feeling they might just end up gimping all version to xb1 level because MS isnt competent enough to make a good console but they have a lot of money

True_Samurai1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Lol what. CD & MS has always been on good terms. How you think witcher 2 came to the 360

Mr Pumblechook1430d ago

Does this mean that because they received a backhander from Microsoft they are going to ensure graphical PARITY and claim they are being fair?

nX1430d ago

It's strange, Microsoft is showing off their game on every occasion so they somehow have to return this favour. Maybe it's really through console parity, who knows.

jackanderson19851430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

where did you get the DRM is good (game is DRM free)? they're still providing options (on GOG, Steam and both consoles), PC gamers are getting way better support than consoles in terms of FPS and Res (depends on your rig of course but i don't believe they're artifically gimping them), and not sure where the last part came from at all

Supporter1430d ago

Why argue with any of you? You all believe whatever you want to be true either way.

Supporting evidence is easy to find no matter what side of the coin you're on.

r9 290/290x are supreme beasts of a cards. Not to be compared to the ps4 or xbox gpu, in either graphical performance, or "compute"

Im still new here, but I really hear some wacky stuff around these parts.

I mean what on earth made you think that the ps4 gpu would come anywhere close to AMD's flagship card lineup? even if Cerny somehow shoehorned that into his speech...

ALLWRONG1430d ago

DRM? You mean like what Sony does with PSNow?

XBLSkull1430d ago

If they get it up to 1080p on the Xbox I'll buy it on the X1, otherwise I'm gonna let my r9 290x tear this game a new one.

SonyPS41430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

The DRM on PSNow is kind of how the whole service works. The entire game is processed by the servers otherwise the game wouldn't work at all on PSVita, PS4, PC, etc. It works just like OnLive, Netflix, Hulu, and any other media streaming equivalents.

This is different from DRM in its conventional sense.

thereapersson1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

@SonyPS4, and don't forget that Steam is a form of DRM. It's just implemented so well that most people don't mind.

Paprika1429d ago

Microsoft are terrible. They are literally the illuminati of gaming.... oh bill gates started Xbox, Right? Hmm....

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thezeldadoth1430d ago

why would you hope for the PC version to be downgraded? Why would that satisfy you?

jimjam34421430d ago

i think you should read all words when reading. skipping two or three doesnt get the job done.

Waffles111430d ago

U are right. All dis readin and sarcasm and irony talk make no sense. My brain hurts too much to read dis stufff. U jus like me man. I don get dis crazy talks.

Mikeyy1430d ago

Why does the ps4 version getting downgraded to xbone satisfy you?

So its not okay to console parity pc version, but its ok to gimp ps4?

Paprika1429d ago

I think you need to read what he wrote again :) he never stated that at all.

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Dark111430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Lol you fanboys are going crazy.. don't buy the game then.


"DRM is good
- options are bad
- PC users can suck it
- 1080p is a mythical resolution"

and your Source for this BS is?

Tctczach1430d ago

Lol. Totally agree. They are releasing it on GOG DRM free. But they will forget about it and down vote me just to make a point.

Future_20151430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

For anyone thinking the PS4 GPU is a R9 290 should really not comment on anything technical or hardware specific, NVIDIA GTX 750TI has beaten the PS4 in benchmark tests on a couple of games and that card is £100 on amazon, lastly if SONY were so proud of their hardware why don't they put a benchmark application on there like 3D mark 11 and show how good it is

johndoe112111430d ago

Who the hell are you replying to and what the hell are you talking about????

1430d ago
Unarmed_Civilian1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

LOL NVIDIA GTX 750TI is slower than PS4 gpu, stop spreading BS.

750 Ti
Memory bandwidth- 86.4 GB/s...... PS4
Rops - 16........PS4 32
1,728 GFLOPS.......PS4 1.84
TMU - 40........PS4 72
Pixel Rate 16.32 GPixel/s......PS4 25.6
Memory bus 128 bit......PS4 256 bit
Shading Units 640 ....PS4 1152

ravensly1430d ago

first of all 750 ti is maxwell so its twice as effiecient as ps4. double the shading unit doesnt matter. so i can say ps4 is basically modified 7870 amd with the power of new r7 265 amd. and ps4 and xbox one will be outdated by next year as new gpu will start rolling.

Vegamyster1430d ago

"You do realize the GPU in PS4 is dedicated hardware which has nearly twice the efficiency of the same hardware in a PC."

Can i ask why you think that?


LightDiego1430d ago

Guys, don't worry it's just the idiot of Future.

funkybudda1430d ago

Why dont you build a PC for $400 that can beat PS4, in fact, there are units being sold for $369 on ebay from various reputed sellers. So let see what you can come up with a PC that can perform equal or better to PS4.

DougLord1430d ago

I thought PS4 was around a 760 (1.8tf) and X bone was 750ti (1.3tf). Regardless I agree with your point (albeit unspoken), even if CD PROJECT used every ounce of power the PS4 has, it would be barely noticeable vs the Xbone, and a good PC would kill them both (although still not enough of a difference to make a real meaningful impact on gameplay).

ravensly1430d ago

452 dollar pc

it will play battlefield 4 at 1080p ultra 50fps and other multiplatform games better than both the consoles

AndrewLB1430d ago

Unarmed_Civilian- Enjoy...

Oh... one HUGE factor you forget to consider is core clock speed. The 750ti can easily run at 1,300mhz. The PS4's gpu only runs at 800mhz. That's more than 60% more MHZ.

Big_Game_Hunters1430d ago

@ the infected, yes that I called optimization, But optimization doesn't mean what it used to, before xoneps4 there was unique hardware to learn. Now it's just typical PC hardware. now optimization pretty much means if a dev wants to get 1080 60 they can adjust the settings. PC gamers have optimization too, if my game isn't running at 60fps I turn the settings down.

mkis0071430d ago

@ ravensly
You forgot the operating system, and no that pc would be lucky to run a few games at the same standard as the consoles.

Daniel_Potter1430d ago

Linus suggest judging the graphics card only by it's benchmarks, not by stats

Mikeyy1430d ago


4 gigs of ram
2 gb video card.

No operating system.

Are you for real with this?

ravensly1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

consoles use only 4.5gb ram and you can add another 2gb ram if you want so for the operating system you can have linux or the backup of windows 7 cd which i have.

mikey what 2gb video card.2gb is more than enough for 1080p gaming unless you use heavy anti aliasing and other effects.

a r9 270 can play watch dogs at high at 1080p 40fps even though its optimization is shit

Sweep141429d ago

@ravensly : No keyboard/mouse, no gamepad, no OS, price too high. Try again

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spacedelete1430d ago

it is BS. i want my PS4 to be used of every power it has. why buy a new console if developers don't want to push the console to its limit ? greedy ass MS spoiling the current gen for everyone whether your a PC gamer, PS4 gamer and Xbox gamer. they intentionally made a underpowered console to cut costs when its not like they are having cash problems. how embarrassing for MS that its games and console are worse than Sony who are bleeding money like its going out of fashion.

MS are a disease that is ruining the fun for everyone.

Soc51430d ago

Also, all the money MS is spending now to make up for the underpowered xbox, could have been spent on producing an xbox one with much better specs. :(
Which most likely I would have purchased instead of sitting this one out for a while.

GribbleGrunger1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

All we can hope for now is that the XB1 version is great because that's the version the PS4 gamers are going to get. What a pity 'some' developers are not prepared to take advantage of that 40% extra horse power. Microsoft's whole strategy this generation is going to be: 'If you can't beat them, hold them back.'

It won't work though because as the install base of the PS4 grows much bigger and the gap grows bigger too, the money required to influence parity will increase exponentially. In the short term, the PS4 will be held back for 'some' games, but in the long term the differences will become ever more apparent and go beyond simple resolution and framerate.

Aussiebeachbabe1430d ago

40% extra horsepower....don't think so.. more like 20%. Another person thinking ps4 is a supercomputer.

GribbleGrunger1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

No, another person who follows the news and doesn't visit MisterXmedia. I could have said 50% but I don't agree with that.

medman1430d ago

I'm reconsidering buying this game. I have never played a Witcher game before, but this one looked really interesting...but I can't stand when developers "aim for parity". Just make the game the best for each system you're developing for...if not, you're not getting my dollars. Period.

AndrewLB1430d ago

These guys make PC games, and the PC game will be far and away the best version.

As for his comment, I think they said exactly what a smart marketing person would say. They could have flat out said "PS4 and Xbone don't have the power to run the game with anti-aliasing or details anywhere close to the PC version. You console fanboys need to realize they're made with two year old mobile technology".

Fyi... he was talking about parity between consoles. Not PC and consoles.

user56695101430d ago

Yep they would of burned him at the stake. If you show console only gamers how big the difference between console and pcs they will shun you. They would downplay it and say it sucks.

joab7771430d ago

I agree completely. I love CD Project Red, I do. But there is definitely an affinity towards MS. So, to provide the best possible gameplay to everyone, you would build and use every tool that each platform has at its disposal. Thus, PC at ultra settings would look and run best. Then, the PS4 and finally xbone. Does this alter gameplay? No. But you don't build a game at the lowest common denominator to make the most ppl happy.

CaptainObvious8781430d ago

Actually, considering the install bases of the 3 platforms, by aiming for parity on the xbone it's pissing a large majority of the fanbase off.

I know the n4g comment section is by no means scientific, but you can see roughly 9/10 comments are blasting CDproject for this, and rightly so.

brainfart1430d ago

Lol.. remember both console are rocking old tech for the the most part, if cdp added msaa both systems would average around 20 fps lol, I would hope you'd prefer stable frame rate before eye candy.Beside cdp started on pc way before porting to consoles so dont get piss over something you cant control, like always cdp will make witcher 3 the definitive version on PC hate all you wont, because its not going to change the facts lol

johndoe112111430d ago

Your name seems to be a true representation of what is really between your ears. Obviously what I stated went clear over your head.

brainfart1430d ago

Actually its the other way around, even if cdp made witcher 3 to both console capabilities lol how much better do you think ps4 version would be compared to xbox one a few frames more with eye candy that you could barely tell the difference, doesn't matter to me cause im getting the definitive version and I will be playing it at 60fps to bad you cant say the same hahaha.

geddesmond1430d ago

So in other words PS4 version dumbed down as MS asked them too with probably a bag of money they tried using to get consol exclusivity like with Tombraider. Horray MS yet again holding multiplats back because they released a weaker piece of hardware. And people wonder why I hate MS as a gamer. Hmm I wonder why???

I highly doubt this will effect the PC version but if it did oh boy, people think PS4 fans were pissed at the Tombraider deal well wait for PC fans with this.

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thezeldadoth1430d ago

on a good pc, higher resolution and framerate will be worth it alone. It'll have better anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering as well as uber sampling and higher res textures. if you have nvidia you'll be able to have better physics in the water and fur and other things.

don't believe the PR, console versions are worse than PC by a good bit, but will be relatively similar to each other. this statement is more for the ps4 vs one argument.

SoCalledMe1430d ago

"We always want to provide the best possible experience to all our gamers regardless of the platform and so we are not aiming to develop special graphical features for any of them"

But .. but you guys are using Physix , thats kinda not only PC vs console specific but only Nvidia specific feature , iwdhqwduqd logic

SynestheticRoar1430d ago

Just lost my money. Good luck.

averagejoe261430d ago

It's sad you would skip out on a game over graphics... Something is wrong with this new generation of gamers... They're spoiled... Growing up, graphics were shit for me but games were fun and memorable... Gameplay over graphics 100%... Putting graphics first is a shame

GribbleGrunger1430d ago

I think he's skipping because of principles.

Roccetarius1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Principles on N4G? That has to be the first time i've heard of that.

This just makes me wish that CDPR didn't develop it for multiple platforms. They would've had much more time for improving the game.

Jack_Reacher1429d ago

So why is it bad to skip it out of principle? Why should I pay a dev money who have clearly not taken my platform of choice into development consideration at all. Remember they have themselves stated they are making no special treatment to anyone platform. Which means its coded to the lowest common denomination. Or xbox1.

I feel most sorry for pc owners which good rigs.

CaptainObvious8781430d ago

It's a real pity.

I was going to buy this game, but now it's going to be a rent.

Congratulations CD. By coddling to the lowest common denominator you're losing sales. I had so much respect for you up until 5 minutes ago.