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Star Citizen: Through Kickstarter And Beyond

A quick look into new Star Citizen developments revealed during GamesCom 2014, and why gamers should be excited. The game reached its $50 million dollar goal yesterday. Updates, new modes, and professional linguist-developed languages to come. (Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium Games, gamescom, Kickstarter, PAX Australia, PC, Star Citizen)

LogicalReason  +   263d ago
Game is looking great! Hope they keep up the good work and deliver an awesome experience.
DesertFoxJr  +   263d ago
I know! People need to be more excited for this game. It's like 4 games rolled into one (space sim, FPS, trade sim, etc). Just hoping they do all of them exceptionally well.
SlavisH2  +   263d ago
I hope this comes to consoles.....somehow.
DesertFoxJr  +   263d ago
It's very much a PC-centric game. Consoles couldn't handle it's fidelity, and I'm positive it doesn't lend itself well to a gamepad.
Stapleface  +   263d ago
It likely will never hit consoles, however it lends itself great to a game pad. I have used an Xbox 360 controller for Arena Commander and it works fantastic. Though I hope to get an actual flight stick before the game releases for my space pirating needs.
Evil Rant Monkey  +   263d ago
I'll second that. Arena Commander works excellent with a gamepad imho, especially considering the early state of the game.
edqe  +   263d ago
I guess it depends how complex the flight and other aspects will end up to be. If key bindings will give a huge advantage that would mean already a problem for porting it for consoles. The controller would mean compromises to UIs as well. As every one who has tried keyboard + mouse knowns that a controller is not good for FPS either.

It is possible that the game will require a good CPU as well. Current APUs are not strong enough. In the end console games are GPU centric and really straightforward; mostly shooters, hack 'n' slash and platformers.

Personally I like that finally we are getting games that are done by PC gamers to PCs - games that takes advantage of new hardwares. As we have already seen all bigger AAA titles are made for consoles and ported for PCs. It shows in graphical fidelity, simple gameplay and UIs.
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