40+ Minutes of Driveclub Gameplay Footage

From the PlaystationDE channel over at TwitchTV, over 40 minutes of archived Driveclub footage.

The_Infected624d ago

Any way to watch this on mobile?

DarkOcelet624d ago

Lol who disagreed with you ? Was gonna ask the same thing .

badboyz09624d ago

This is why I think N4G should change the Agree,Disagree.

fenome624d ago (Edited 624d ago )


I never really thought of that before. It would be cool if you could only agree or disagree if you left a comment afterwards and your comment would say if you agree or disagree at the top.

I never really pay attention to agrees or disagrees anyways though, I usually just speak my piece and move on unless someone responds.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

When you ask a yes or no question, "agree" means yes and "disagree" means no. Unwritten rule of lazy responders :)

Farsendor1623d ago

agree or disagree doesn't really work on N4G it is just a troll statistic.

user1439414623d ago TrollingShow
SideNote623d ago

They should only have an Agree button.

Heisenburger623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

I still think that the best solution would be if you click agree/disagree on the comment you can see which users clicked agree/disagree on that particular comment. Also if the -bubble system worked like the article reporting system where it shows the user who is reporting someone else, and they have to type why they are trying to take away their bubbles would greatly improve the system here. Because when people aren't abusing it, the system works fine. But if we could see which users were trying to bubble people down for saying "this years CoD looks great!" then we would all be better off.


BX81623d ago

As a rule I generally click disagree when ever I see you comment. I tend to disagree with what ever thoughts your little fingers can plug into the key board. Just to give you a heads up. ;)

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MaximusPrime_624d ago

i guess the only way is to download the Twitch app. This doesn't work on my iOS devices using internet browser...

The_Infected624d ago

I have the twitch app on iOS but still can't find it.

MaximusPrime_624d ago

i checked and yep it's impossible. sorry i'm unable to assist :(

equal_youth624d ago

yes :D and the sense of speed is incredible even at 30 fps. just wow. hope that it isn't to arcadish. but either way day1 for me ^^

thereapersson624d ago

Yes, it's great that Evolution has managed to shoehorn this within the confines of 30 FPS and have the game still appear very realistic.

iceman06624d ago

I don't post articles too often on here. But, when I saw this I just had to. The thing that took my off guard WAS the sense of speed. It just looked so incredibly fast. I was thoroughly impressed.

GamingSinceThe80s623d ago

I was thinking the same thing.It sure is fast for 30fps.The steering looks a little off but that may just be because I'm only watching and not playing.And it looks like there is an incentive to crashing into other cars.So far from what I see here Drive Club looks way better graphically then Forza 5 but Forza plays more true to life.As I watch this I'm mostly wishing it was Motor Storm PS4 instead of Drive Club seeing Sony already has GT for more realistic racing.But thats just me.

GamingTruth624d ago

lol, maybe renderfarms for pixar

GribbleGrunger623d ago

Driveclub is on PC? Well I never ...

Ezz2013623d ago

i have yet to find a pc game that look as good as The Order 1886 and Driveclub or Uncharted 4

LogicStomper623d ago


Seen those Skyrim mods before? They're pretty out there.

GamingTruth623d ago

ive seen skyrim mods and im not really impressed, but so be it if you do

user5669510623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

hes not impressed by skyrim mods but is impressed by a greyish corridor shooter with bland gameplay. not saying the game is bad because its to early but sony can serve you sh!t and you would say it taste like chocolate.

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BallsEye623d ago

I don't get it. How can you tell from such a crappy quality video? You guys would wow at a 10x10 px driveclub icon.

brotherlymoses624d ago

Wow, those graphics show the potential of the ps4, but the game looks super boring

nix624d ago

the sense of speed. woah!

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