9 Pre-Order and Special Edition Bonuses with Some Explaining to Do

Game pre-order bonuses and special editions can be hit and miss. Some are cool, such as the extra mission for Alien: Isolation that lets you play as the movie's original cast. Others promise fabulous prizes, such as Assassin's Creed: Unity's Guillotine Prize Drop. Some, though, are straight-up bizarre. Here are nine most bewildering pre-order and special edition bonuses.

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Macdaddy711494d ago

I would not preorder games, I was looking at ps4 online store wanting you to preorder games that show release Dec 2015, who would pay a full game price for over a year....wish they would do away with it,
My son preordered Hardline for my birthday n dang if they did not delay the game, so I'm getting my money back

SirGarrick1493d ago

What does it matter if you pay for a game in full now or in a year?
The game was delayed, so now you want your money back? Are you going to not buy it because it was delayed?
If you fully intend on buying the game, it doesnt change a thing.