6 Orphanages in Games for the Worst Childhoods Ever

Outside Xbox: After you murder the manager of Skyrim's Honorhall Orphanage at the request of one miserable orphan, another thinks out loud, "Kill one person and you can solve so many problems. I wonder at the possibilities." These are the lessons you learn growing up in videogames' least nurturing orphanages.

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DarkOcelet1494d ago

You forgot Alice:Madness Returns , such an underrated masterpiece and that Rule of Rose ending ... i seriously was very sad , another very underrated gem that everyone who have a ps2 must play , yes the gameplay was alittle bit clunky and the game was damn hard but truly it had one of the best stories in the gaming history . And we are stuck with this yearly iterations of games that has no meaning that sells million ... i am glad that the last of us sold very well , we need these kind of games with a meaningful storytelling . I hope the current gen offer us more variety .