Devil May Cry 4 gameplay

Capcom released this gameplay video of Devil May Cry 4, from the demo playable on the demo PS3 in Japan. Nothing really new, but it's still nice to see an expert playing this type of game.

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Captain Tuttle4382d ago

There wasn't one wasted move. Not my style of game but very impressive.

THE TRUTH4382d ago

For this game to come out! I hope they improve on what they did with DMC3 that game was a classic!

One of the reasons I want a PS3, I sold my first one becasie I'm just not comfortable having the first batch of console especially after going through the 360s problems!

I'm #30 on the preorder list so I should get another before Christmas! DMC is one of my top 3 franchises and I can't wait to get the lastest installment!

silent ninja4382d ago

nice game but i expected better things from this game in terms of animation

videl4382d ago

a fantastic game for the ps3! poor xbots.

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The story is too old to be commented.