Performance Analysis: Metro Redux

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"Last week we presented a first look at the forthcoming Metro Redux - remastered versions of the classic Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We compared the new editions to the original console versions, noting some remarkable differences - not least the impressive boosts to both physical and temporal resolution. Xbox One renders at 912p vs the PS4's 1080p, but it was the frame-rate lock to 60fps that really caught the eye.

The Xbox One version of Metro 2033 dropped just two frames throughout our test duration, while PlayStation 4 proved flawless across the length of our Metro Last Light tests. However, questions remained unanswered from last week's article - could PS4 match Xbox One's excellent performance on Metro 2033 while retaining its resolution advantage? And perhaps more importantly, could the Xbox One handle the more technologically ambitious Metro Last Light with the same aplomb as the PlayStation 4 version?"

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DarkOcelet1467d ago

Offcourse the ps4 could handle 2033 better than the xbox one , as it didnt drop in the fps in last light so it will be the same for 2033.

jackanderson19851467d ago

Huh what a pretty ingenious use for the light bar. Might get this on the auld PS4 so

1467d ago
stonecold31467d ago

going to get metro redux on ps4

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