Here’s How Microsoft Can Fix The Xbox One’s Exclusivity Problem

One Angry Gamer "Fixing the Xbox One’s general appeal in the market when it comes to software exclusives is a lot simpler than dumping money into the coffers of the AAA studios who blow smoke up the bums of shareholders and spit on the faces of the core community like tweenies click “Like” on the Facebook pages of teenage heartthrobs."

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DarkOcelet1465d ago

Get more first party studious and have better policies .

Hellsvacancy1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

You would of thought MS would of done that by now, they're just taking the same route they did last gen, the "lets throw money at it" route

Breakline1465d ago

It's very risky to develop a new IP. It's a lot more complicated than you'd think to authorize to your higher ups to spend money on something you don't have a great reason to believe will succeed. Established franchises on the other hand are much more reliable. It's just business.

Why o why1465d ago

Take more risks

Allow more creative freedom to studios they already have

Spend more of that infinite moolah on a wider variety of projects in regards to genres.

Be consistent for the WHOLE gen

Charybdis1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

True people say Phil has focus on games but developing aaa games takes more than 1 year we will need to see proof which is kinda difficult at the moment when we can only trust in his promise. With games taking at least 2 years to develop and Microsoft lagging behind I can can see microsoft throwing even more money at third party developers in order to fund development of new ip such as titan fall and ryse, additional free conten (free tracks/ modes/maps/etc) or exclusivity arangements of already well known ip, unless of course they planned this before the new management changes.
Its surprising to see that thus far microft has taken the high road to fund new third party new ip without forcing third parties to sell their ip rights to Microsoft. hoping that these ip s which had financial help and supprt from Microsoft will make it to other platforms in due time

lunatic00011465d ago

it just blows my mind that ms doesnt realize that its sitting on some classic franchises...why not finally bring back franchises like a sequel to banjo tooie,sequel to conker, maybe a full prefect dark remake, even try negotiating to make a sequel to lost odyssey, which was a really good jrpg on the 360...hell why not make a badass brute force game since i havent seen this franchise since original did suck but i would still like to see what they can do to make it awesome...but what does microsoft do....get tomb raider exclusively....for a little while -_-

Ezz20131465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

release Rare for a start

redwin1464d ago

Disagree with all the indie talk, I think getting a few great and distinctive titles like the are doing now is great. What they need is new AAA exclusives and I think that's what they are doing. Exclusive IP, exclusive IP, exclusive IP. I remember the time of exclusive like conker, halo, old republic. Those were the years, let's do them again.

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Lawboy21465d ago

Ppl are idiots...they ve added four new studios already

Black tusk
343i (did halo 4 but still new)
Leap pioneers
Project next

It's not the studios that is the's that gamers don't like the games that the first party are's funny most ppl don't even know the first party games outside of halo gears and forza....ppl keep hollering that Microsoft needs to reinvest but why?

Think about what would sell more

Titanfall or lococycle
Dead rising or max cob
Tomb raider or fighter within
Ryse or kinect sports rivals

Every first party game that has released the xbox Fanbase didn't what is Microsoft to do...just keep losing money huh....smh

iamnsuperman1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

"It's not the studios that is the's that gamers don't like the games that the first party are making..."

But that is a studio problem for not making compelling software. I don't know where you got the idea that Microsoft software hasn't sold but if true that is a development problem not a gamer issue.

I think the issue is (which is something you do sort of mention) is why is Microsoft in short third party investments when those franchises may not have a long term exclusivity. Sure Titanfall we sell more than lococycle (really bad comparison by the way) but Titanfall as a franchise may never stay exclusive to the Xbox. Long termly throwing money at a problem might not solve any long term issues (fixing an outcome without sorting out the source). Reinvesting might be a better option as you can have a franchises that last and that can help build an identity where exclusives stay exclusives (something Microsoft doesn't really have).

At the end of the day Titanfall (hypothetically) may sell millions of consoles with the first release but this is mute when Titanfall 2 comes and goes multiplatform.

Lawboy21465d ago

@ superman

Yeah I know there bad comparisons...I just wanted to show what types of games that the first party have been producing this generation

Second it's not that clear that it is a studio problem, I'll give the example of max and the curse of the brotherhood..after it was free with GWG everyone said that the game was extremely good but without it being free I personally don't believe the xbox Fanbase would have tried it....(which is something I applaud the ps Fanbase for they actually are patient with studios and aren't afraid to try new things) the xbox Fanbase likes fast and shooter types games

Also we all know that those first party game sales were abysmal

Finally historically this has always been the case with third party's up....look at the great titles for xbox...gears made by epic third party...halo made by bungie third party...forza horizon playground games third party...Alan wake remedy third party

Sharius1465d ago

lol, what? are you serious?

when gamers don't buy first party game that mean IS studio problem, infact when game don't sell well IS every studio's problem

Lawboy21465d ago

@ sharius

Not depends on the Fanbase...a lot of ppl are afraid of change

And that is not true there are plenty of great games that go unnoticed because ppl don't want to try the games out or because it's not what they are used to so they don't buy the game....u never know it's not always the studio

ger23961465d ago

4 of those games were made by 3rd party studios. What does that tell you about their studios? With the exception of halo 4, the other studios haven't released any thing yet.

redwin1464d ago

Those new studios are coming with new ip's and they will be pushed hard and will sell like they did with Titan Fall.

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come_bom1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

"Here’s How Microsoft Can Fix The Xbox One’s Exclusivity Problem"

More 1st party studios is a good idea, but I guess it's not their way. Their main problem is they need to get more exclusives, real exclusives that you only can play on the console, even if they are 3rd party. What's the point of purchasing a console to play timed exclusives.

1464d ago
Eddie201011465d ago

Phil is towing the same old Microsoft line, except with smile. Microsoft's goal is to control all your home entertainment, why, to get advertising money. They are catering for now because they are behind this gen, if they get the upper hand in the US again, (That's a very big if) trust me they will be back to their old practices again.

FanboyKilla1465d ago

a bunch of sony fans sitting in a circle, having a discussion , about how to fix ms problems. lol wonder how this is going to end?

dj3boud1465d ago

Leave Rare to their own devices and let them make a game. that's your solution.

chrisarsenalsavart1464d ago

That would be the best way to spend money imo.

medman1464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Don't you realize that every successful franchise started out as a new ip at some point in time? What you say makes no sense. As a longtime gamer and someone who has always owned multiple consoles, I'm bothered by the fact that Microsoft has made it a trend where their first party games are heavily shooter focused, with very little experimentation from those studios. Sony has great variety across their first parties, conversely. Also, Microsoft has failed with two successive consoles to provide compelling first party content late in each consoles life cycle. It's a poor indicator of what may lie ahead if the past is any guide. I really don't like to see Microsoft buying timed exclusivity because I believe the money would be better spent investing in new ip, or new tech. Timed exclusives aren't selling me a console. It's just more of the same from Microsoft, and that is what is most disappointing.

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Insomnia_841465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

"Getting a hold of something new, innovative or disruptive in mass quantities is what Microsoft needs to recover the Xbox One’s appeal on the exclusive software front."

This is the problem with Microsoft, they always go for the "safe" route. Sony in the other hand is the risk taker and it is why we have games like Little Big Planet that are now very successful.

That's just the way Microsoft operates and it's why they are always late to whatever they get into and end up failing. For a company with slogans like "Be What's Next" and "Innovation" they fall short!

mrpsychoticstalker1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

There's no problem to be fixed, this site always tries to downplay the success of the Xbox. It's pathetic. Yes it s true is selling less than the competition, but it was to be expected selling In just 13 territories and at a much expensive tag.

TThe exclusives are coming, whether they are timed or full time exclusives the Xbox is the place to play First.

DarkOcelet1465d ago

Ok tell me this , from 2010 ,aside from Alan Wake , what new exclusives did the 360 have except sequels to Gears ,Halo ,forza and fable . I mean they gave up all support for the mediocre kinect which everyone hated , what i am saying is this , like you said exclusives are coming but for how long and will they be more sequels or are we going to see more new stuff , i mean for an Rpg fan it sucks to have a 360 , yes it had two awesome rpg's that are Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon but what else .. to think they have all that money and all they could do was more sequels :/.

EvilWay1465d ago

the Kinect sold millions so I don't know about people hating it. It was gimmick

WilliamUsher1465d ago

"this site always tries to downplay the success of the Xbox"

There's a difference between downplaying success and simply not having enough exclusives to appeal to the core and casual market.

Sony and Nintendo have been seeking out tons of indie exclusives wherever they can, and Microsoft trails with a handful of interesting titles. Sony already has a pool of more than a thousand registered indie devs and they're securing more each quarter as they try to replicate the PS2's diverse software library.

Microsoft will NEED strong, original exclusives if they hope to have any chance of establishing marketing dominance. Timed multiplatform exclusives (especially for already established sequels) really won't win them over many new fans.

brotherlymoses1465d ago

Fighter within 2 will win people over. Lol

ziggurcat1465d ago


"Yes it s true is selling less than the competition, but it was to be expected selling In just 13 territories and at a much expensive tag."

the amount of territories is irrelevant. as it's been pointed out - a lot - those 13 territories are MS's STRONGEST MARKETS.

OpieWinston1465d ago

Strongest markets or not comparing sales is kind of pointless when it's 13 vs 70.

ziggurcat1465d ago


no, because out of fairness, if you eliminated the other 57 territories, the xbone would still behind in all 13 of the territories that both systems are available.

GribbleGrunger1465d ago

For God's sake, not this again. I'll be glad when we get that frigin' European launch out of the way. Then you can move on to some other excuse.

MysticStrummer1465d ago

They aren't winning anywhere. Math… it's not just a rumor.

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Funantic11465d ago

No MS needs to keeping working hard to get all the exclusives they can for Xbox owners. If they had guts like me, they wouldn't care what other fanboys had to say about it because you ain't gonna do a thing but complain. Sony needs to do the same for Playstation owners. Sony keeps turning down offers and ideas from developers. Sony could have had Titanfall and EA Access because the developers went to them with a vision but Sony turns them down while the fanboys get mad at MS for accepting. Sony needs to get aggressive.

Hellsvacancy1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubble but what does Sony have to do exactly? they're running laps around the other competition and it's not even been a year yet

Brettman20081465d ago

Agree, Sony has No Man's Sky and WiLD, for example, that are innovative and look incredibly promising. I also wouldn't call them Indies.

Seafort1465d ago

One thing I agree with is that Sony needs to get more aggressive.

Microsoft will be doing everything in it's power to get the Xbox back on top as when you're at the bottom the only way is up.

Sony can't rest on the lead it has to keep pushing for more new IPs and use their first party studios to good effect to counter anything that Microsoft does.

Sony are probably already doing this now as I don't think anyone knows what they have in store from the worldwide studios. I'm guessing one of their games will be another The Last of Us we just don't know it yet :)

qwerty6761465d ago

they will dont worry.

they will release a ps4 with a bigger hard drive this holiday i can almost guarantee it, and some other type of bundle.

but no need to announce stuff right now because then people would stop buying ps4s to wait for new ones/bundles to release.

DigitalRaptor1465d ago


Get some perspective. Microsoft turned down LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain and RiME - as well as more than half of the creative output of Rare.

Meanwhile, Sony turns down dudebro shooters. See the difference?

rainslacker1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

Ironically, Sony is the only company that had a 1st person shooter at launch. COD was of course on both systems, but that's COD.

I wonder if Sony turned down Respawn because they didn't want it to compete with KZ:SF, which seemed to get mixed reaction from the community, but was scored well overall.

Anyhow, I don't believe that MS was the only one that could offer EA/Respawn the "help" they needed to finish the game. It was way too close to release and by the time it was announced exclusive, it would have been in what's called code lock, and they would have been polishing it up. A game like that you don't wait until the last 5 months to write the net code. MS just gave them a buttload of money, offered free server support, and agreed to a massive marketing campaign. It's understandable why they did it given the hype TF had up to that point, but I think EA and Respawn came out worse from the deal, as it could have become a much more popular franchise had it been available on the PS4 as well.

What I'm hoping is that for all these exclusive deals that MS is making with 3rd party publishers, they find that they are coming out worse from it. I hate to see a decent game not sell, but I feel the trend needs to stop sooner rather than later. The fact that Crysis, likely Respawn/EA, and soon to be Square Enix find out their game isn't selling as well as it could could mean companies take a much broader look at what it is they're doing for short term gain.

Seafort1465d ago

Microsoft needs to think long term and stop buying all these short term timed exclusives all the time.

They've never fully committed to their platform with first party studios like Sony or Nintendo has. It's like they have one foot out the door and are unwilling to jump in feet first to support and grow their console platform.

Their problem is they rely too much on the US market to push the sales and when that didn't happen this time they went into panic mode.

We'll see a lot more of these anti-consumer and anti-gamer business deals from Microsoft as they don't know how to deal with failure other than to just throw money at the problem.

It's not going to work this time. Their investors will say enough is enough and that's when Microsoft will be really in trouble. No company has unlimited cash and resources so there will always be a line that they can't go beyond.

iamnsuperman1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

If Microsoft aren't careful the short term deals will bite them in the arse later on in a cycle. From no garentee the franchises will stay with the Xbox brand to having to use existing franchises in more annual ways could end up more going to other consoles.

This is the perfect time for Microsoft to experiment with games and see what sticks (the beginning of a new cycle). They seem to be in panic mode buying up exclusive third party rights to give a boost in sales. But this boost isn't a long term thing nor a long term solution. Spend that money elsewhere and not on short term goals. They could easily flood the market with their own wild franchises considering the rumored prices for some of these deals

Software_Lover1465d ago

Nintendo first parties make the same games every generation, no one complains. IMHO, that was a bad comparison.

RosweeSon1465d ago

I don't complain with nintendo but quite a few do say it's the same old same old, their loss, quality through and through with nintendo games.

Spotie1465d ago

Nintendo gets a helluva lot of grief for reusing the same franchises. Dunno what you're looking at, but it doesn't seem to be working too well for them this time around.

Microsoft is in worse shape, as they don't have nearly as strong a stable of first party devs.

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