Nintendo responds to petition to include Robin Williams tribute in Zelda game

"A fan-petition for Nintendo to include a character named after Robin Williams, who died earlier this week, has so far collected almost 90,000 signatures."

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FarEastOrient1403d ago

How hard is it for a company to say yes or no? Come on big N make it happen.

hay1403d ago

Well it's not so obvious, hordes of suits having a say, and with additional horde of shareholders having even more to brag about conclusion is quite obvious, that communication on corporate level is similar to 5 year olds on a playground. It would be awesome his likeness as a king of Hyrule but...

...for us Mr Williams was a ray of light, there's no denying it, but unfortunately for people holding licenses to his roles, stand ups and overall work he was just a product to capitalize on, remember how MJ was killed and how much money his legacy made? Like more than ever before?...

We consumers see the world differently than suppliers.

sinspirit1403d ago

While I personally think it would be awesome for him to be in the game because of his love for the franchise it isn't that easy.

They have to think where he would fit, make sure it doesn't dishonor his memory, and most likely contact family to get their permission out of respect for him, and they aren't going to do that so soon after his death.

DVAcme1403d ago

@hay: Oh, come on, the only thing Nintendo needs to do is put a small screen before the game starts that says "In memoriam: Robin Williams". They could literally program that in in less than a minute, yet it'd mean so much to so many people. And pragmatically, cynically speaking, it'd be a great PR move.

admiralvic1402d ago

"How hard is it for a company to say yes or no?"

Ever hear the expression "give someone an inch and they'll take a mile?" Thats part of the problem with companies listening to complaints / protests, since it leads to a precedent that they might not want to start. Like if this petition works, then every petition going forward will have that "well they did it for Robin Williams" or people claiming that Nintendo has listened to them in the past and they might work going forward.

Lets also not forget how quickly this (his death and the subsequent petition) and how long it would take for them to not only agree they should do something, but get all their cards in order (like what SinSpirit said) and then finally implementing it in a way that honors him without ruining him image or making it seem like they're trying to capitalize on his death.

With that being said, I think DVAcme's example skews more towards the capitalization of his death than an hour. By first putting it in such an obvious location (these things typically go in the credits), it's like saying "We at Nintendo think it's so important to let you know we're honoring Robin Williams that we're going to make it the first thing you see after the credit screen." This could also go either way with PR, since some people will try to make it a controversy.

So in the end, no matter how simple / easy a direct answer would be, there are many shades of grey. Plus outright stating no, they will not honor him, will piss people off and lead to more BS / drama.

Tiqila1402d ago

he has absolutely nothing to do with zelda and should not be included in a game of the series. I like him as an actor, so if the familiy wants to make a movie about him that has some relation to the zelda universe I would be fine with that, but putting him in a Zelda game? WHY? put britney spears in it too, yes? I love games more than Hollywood movies... please don't mix shit up.

GordonKnight1402d ago

It is a touchy subject. With the tribute it might make it hard for Zelda Williams to play the next game in a series that she loves. Even with Zelda U dropping next year it would be too soon.

Nintendo respects Zelda and won't go against her wishes. It's way too early to ask her what she would want, so I can see why they have no comment.

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dredgewalker1403d ago

No harm in giving him a tribute to one of his favorite games.

frostypants1402d ago

Who disagrees wih this? What the hell is wrong with people? My God...

The Great Melon1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

I would think a simple easter egg such as an NPC named Robin would be a cool addition that isn't jarring to the game. There are plenty of NPC names to choose from, might as well name one of them Robin.

Back-to-Back1402d ago

He named his daughter Zelda. It's obvious this man is due a tribute.

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700p1403d ago

It seems kinda disrespectful to do that though. He killed himself but then to profit out of his death is bad.

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HammockGames1403d ago

He named his daughter Zelda (you can guess why), so I seriously doubt he or his family would have any objections to this.

That said, I agree it should be subtle (i.e. easter egg). Fans would pick up on the inclusion.

Hellsvacancy1403d ago

"He named his daughter Zelda" really? that's pretty awesome, didn't know that

DVAcme1403d ago

@Hellsvacancy: Yep, and he was quick to point out that she isn't named after the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, she's named after the PRINCESS. RW was a big fan of the original back in the 80s, and even did a series of commercials with his daughter talking about what LOZ meant tot them, very heartwarming cute stuff.

lizard812881402d ago

Zelda Williams was also in the Smash Invitational. She picked Greninja

Kivespussi1403d ago

I see your point. A lot of people disagree because they only look at it from their perspective. I do agree with them to some point, I would be honored to have a tribute in a game after I die. But it varies from person to person. Some people and their families could find it disrespectful.

But what I do not agree though is that it would be "profiting out of his death". It's not a game revolved around him, the game just could contain something small that tells that it was sad that he passed away.

BiggerBoss1403d ago

His daughters name is Zelda. I highly doubt his family would find it disrespectful

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chrissx1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Ninty make this happen.Great man who affected the whole world his charm. even named his daughter Zelda

dcj05241403d ago

Wait, was Robin involved in Nintendo games before? I find it odd that they want him in Zelda. Maybe it's just me.

Drithe1403d ago

Williams named his daughter Zelda after the game. People are being pretty stupid with Robin Williams and this so called tribute.

dcj05241403d ago

Oh ok, in that case go for it Nintendo!

dafegamer1403d ago

He is a great Zelda fan and has starred in many Zelda commercials. Hell he even named his daughter after the Princess Zelda

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