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Nintendo responds to petition to include Robin Williams tribute in Zelda game

"A fan-petition for Nintendo to include a character named after Robin Williams, who died earlier this week, has so far collected almost 90,000 signatures." (3DS, Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

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Relientk77  +   163d ago
Make it happen Nintendo
FarEastOrient  +   163d ago
How hard is it for a company to say yes or no? Come on big N make it happen.
hay  +   163d ago
Well it's not so obvious, hordes of suits having a say, and with additional horde of shareholders having even more to brag about conclusion is quite obvious, that communication on corporate level is similar to 5 year olds on a playground. It would be awesome his likeness as a king of Hyrule but...

...for us Mr Williams was a ray of light, there's no denying it, but unfortunately for people holding licenses to his roles, stand ups and overall work he was just a product to capitalize on, remember how MJ was killed and how much money his legacy made? Like more than ever before?...

We consumers see the world differently than suppliers.
sinspirit  +   162d ago
While I personally think it would be awesome for him to be in the game because of his love for the franchise it isn't that easy.

They have to think where he would fit, make sure it doesn't dishonor his memory, and most likely contact family to get their permission out of respect for him, and they aren't going to do that so soon after his death.
DVAcme  +   162d ago
@hay: Oh, come on, the only thing Nintendo needs to do is put a small screen before the game starts that says "In memoriam: Robin Williams". They could literally program that in in less than a minute, yet it'd mean so much to so many people. And pragmatically, cynically speaking, it'd be a great PR move.
admiralvic  +   162d ago
"How hard is it for a company to say yes or no?"

Ever hear the expression "give someone an inch and they'll take a mile?" Thats part of the problem with companies listening to complaints / protests, since it leads to a precedent that they might not want to start. Like if this petition works, then every petition going forward will have that "well they did it for Robin Williams" or people claiming that Nintendo has listened to them in the past and they might work going forward.

Lets also not forget how quickly this (his death and the subsequent petition) and how long it would take for them to not only agree they should do something, but get all their cards in order (like what SinSpirit said) and then finally implementing it in a way that honors him without ruining him image or making it seem like they're trying to capitalize on his death.

With that being said, I think DVAcme's example skews more towards the capitalization of his death than an hour. By first putting it in such an obvious location (these things typically go in the credits), it's like saying "We at Nintendo think it's so important to let you know we're honoring Robin Williams that we're going to make it the first thing you see after the credit screen." This could also go either way with PR, since some people will try to make it a controversy.

So in the end, no matter how simple / easy a direct answer would be, there are many shades of grey. Plus outright stating no, they will not honor him, will piss people off and lead to more BS / drama.
Tiqila  +   162d ago
he has absolutely nothing to do with zelda and should not be included in a game of the series. I like him as an actor, so if the familiy wants to make a movie about him that has some relation to the zelda universe I would be fine with that, but putting him in a Zelda game? WHY? put britney spears in it too, yes? I love games more than Hollywood movies... please don't mix shit up.
GordonKnight  +   162d ago
It is a touchy subject. With the tribute it might make it hard for Zelda Williams to play the next game in a series that she loves. Even with Zelda U dropping next year it would be too soon.

Nintendo respects Zelda and won't go against her wishes. It's way too early to ask her what she would want, so I can see why they have no comment.
dredgewalker  +   163d ago
No harm in giving him a tribute to one of his favorite games.
frostypants  +   162d ago
Who disagrees wih this? What the hell is wrong with people? My God...
The Great Melon  +   162d ago
I would think a simple easter egg such as an NPC named Robin would be a cool addition that isn't jarring to the game. There are plenty of NPC names to choose from, might as well name one of them Robin.
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Back-to-Back  +   162d ago
He named his daughter Zelda. It's obvious this man is due a tribute.
DarkOcelet   163d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
700p  +   163d ago
It seems kinda disrespectful to do that though. He killed himself but then to profit out of his death is bad.
dafegamer   163d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
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HammockGames  +   163d ago
He named his daughter Zelda (you can guess why), so I seriously doubt he or his family would have any objections to this.

That said, I agree it should be subtle (i.e. easter egg). Fans would pick up on the inclusion.
Hellsvacancy  +   162d ago
"He named his daughter Zelda" really? that's pretty awesome, didn't know that
DVAcme  +   162d ago
@Hellsvacancy: Yep, and he was quick to point out that she isn't named after the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, she's named after the PRINCESS. RW was a big fan of the original back in the 80s, and even did a series of commercials with his daughter talking about what LOZ meant tot them, very heartwarming cute stuff.
lizard81288  +   162d ago
Zelda Williams was also in the Smash Invitational. She picked Greninja

Kivespussi  +   163d ago
I see your point. A lot of people disagree because they only look at it from their perspective. I do agree with them to some point, I would be honored to have a tribute in a game after I die. But it varies from person to person. Some people and their families could find it disrespectful.

But what I do not agree though is that it would be "profiting out of his death". It's not a game revolved around him, the game just could contain something small that tells that it was sad that he passed away.
BiggerBoss  +   163d ago
His daughters name is Zelda. I highly doubt his family would find it disrespectful
chrissx  +   163d ago
Ninty make this happen.Great man who affected the whole world his charm. even named his daughter Zelda
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dcj0524  +   163d ago
Wait, was Robin involved in Nintendo games before? I find it odd that they want him in Zelda. Maybe it's just me.
Drithe  +   163d ago
Williams named his daughter Zelda after the game. People are being pretty stupid with Robin Williams and this so called tribute.
dcj0524  +   162d ago
Oh ok, in that case go for it Nintendo!
dafegamer  +   163d ago
He is a great Zelda fan and has starred in many Zelda commercials. Hell he even named his daughter after the Princess Zelda
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Kennytaur  +   163d ago
It shouldn't be half-arsed though, keep in mind that most (if not all) NPCs in this game are likely already set. Just charging the name of one that bears no relation to Williams doesn't make sense. It'll only deteriorate the "lore" (for lack of a better word).

Instead, I'd say they should give him a special thanks or something in the credits.
Hanuman  +   163d ago
Robbin Williams' family and friends wouldn't give a crap. They haven't even buried him yet. Show some dignity..
ChickeyCantor  +   162d ago
All these people are doing is showing their respect to Robin Williams. These people themselves are not getting anything out of it directly. I'm sure Zelda Williams would appreciate it as well.
lilbroRx  +   162d ago
Why don't you ask them instead of assuming what they think or how they feel?

A lot of people could view this as simply cashing in on his death even if that is not how it is intended or something equally disrespectful if it doesn't go through the proper channels. Its not as simple as the the people who keep insisting on it think it is.
ChickeyCantor  +   162d ago
"A lot of people could view this as simply cashing in on his death "

Yes, because obviously that will have a long term effect with benefits /s.

There really is no reason to be all paranoid about this. People in the gaming community just want to show tribute. No one who is supporting this is getting special treatment for it.
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hairy  +   162d ago
Agree, make it happen. I'd gladly throw my money at it, such a heartfelt inclusion would mean alot to many fans,
demonicale  +   162d ago
How about we think about the loved ones that he so selfishly left behind for a moment. I guess people are blinded by his cowardly act because he was a funny guy.
deafdani  +   162d ago
You clearly don't understand how depression works.

Depression is a serious illness, and it's very possible he'd been battling with it for decades. On top of that, he was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and that could've been the final straw for him.

You can call him selfish for leaving his family alone, but maybe you haven't considered that he actually could've ended his life much sooner - years, or even decades ago, of it wasn't for his family, especially his two sons and daughter. It's of the public knowledge that he was a very loving and affectionate father.

If he killed himself when he was young and his first son was barely a baby or something, I could maybe see your point. (And even then, depression remains a pretty high factor at play here). But no. His three "children" are adults now, and independient, and Williams was already 63 years old and battling with a serious mental disorder for who knows how long, and with just having been diagnosed yet another nasty disease... yeah, you shouldn't be so fast to judge, because you haven't been in this man's shoes.
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Bubbamilk  +   162d ago
If you lived a day with true depression and hopelessness you would have ended it. I guarantee u. He made it what? 62 years?

Under constant torture and hopelessness. I say hopelessness because u are confusing that with sadness. Sadness is a freaking picknick when u feel as tho there is no reason to continue. True depression is a monkey on your back that never let's u forget. It is torture.

Ur a freaking coward for posting nonsense in comment sections that's offensive knowing there will be no consequence for your actions. Oh wait no I'm sorry I'm just blinded by his performance in flubber. Ur the same mean type of person that ran Zelda off of her twitter account.

Life is about learning and growing to learn one big lesson....understanding.....un derstanding other cultures and points of view because just that can make the world a better place. Robin williams was said to be very understanding. And typically people going thru that much are very understanding. It's one of the best traits a human can have and it's one that u are clearly lacking.

Sorry u really offended me with that. U gotta a lot to learn.

On topic I wonder how much it would cost just to put in memory of at the beginning?

And a good question, do Easter eggs like that cost money? I remember a Zelda Easter egg in infamous ss. And I'm sure they didn't pay Nintendo for that
TuxedoMoon  +   162d ago
It's tough to say how I feel about this. On one hand it's respectful, on the other it's kinda not. The only way this would work is to have the character NOT blatantly named Robin Williams. This would avoid people hating Nintendo for using his death/name for profit...cause you know people are going to do that if Nintendo said yes (we'll put him in the game). People still think Nintendo is dying!

Just have a character that maybe looks like and/or acts like one of his characters from his many movies. If the new Zelda isn't voice acted, maybe they can use slightly altered quotes from his movies? The only way I see this working is if it's done like the Happy mask guy...who is suppose to be Miyamoto apparently.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   162d ago
nobodys gonna buy it cause williams might be in the game. its just an added bonus/sign of respect
ONI5  +   162d ago
This would have to be DLC and be able to be removed quickly as the family could sue if they did not get permission for it.
deafdani  +   162d ago
Don't be silly. They would get permission for the family first... also, if the tribute is subtle enough, they can actually put it in the game without even need of any permissions, and no fear of legal repercussions. It all depends of the kind of homage they put in there.

But even if they made such a homage, it would still be tactful to ask for the family's blessing.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   162d ago
There not going to do it and they don't have to.
mrpsychoticstalker   162d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Haki1112  +   162d ago
Just let the man RIP no need to put him in the game just because he named he daughter Zelda.
jollygoodchap8  +   162d ago
Oh wow some people!

"Nintendo profit off his death! Nintendo disrespectful money grab!"...SMH

I seriously doubt the next Legend of Zelda title is gonna have on the box/commercials in big lettering FEATURING ROBIN WILLIAMS!!!...if they even do it.

Edit: Honestly I see no harm in some random npc like a merchant just simply named robin. The way some people are acting is ridiculous. Not like the petition is calling for him to be a new protagonist.
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mediate-this   162d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(2)
duckmysick  +   162d ago
I'm sorry, but robin Williams/ Nintendo had enough time to figure something out, to show appreciation to one another. Dude killed himself.. That's beyond selfish. Left whatever baggage to his family to deal with. I know he had illnesses, but its people still living that have to deal with issues he had, and more, and still see life through to the natural end. The fact that he was rich makes it even more pathetic. Loved his work, but hated his decision.
Jag-T1000  +   162d ago
Nintendo doesn't have to do anything. Especially if he killed himself. No matter how much your life may suck, you never quit.
g5bay  +   162d ago
Nintendo don't have to do it just because he named his daughter zelda. He wasn't great or funny plus he killed him self with 50 mill in the bank damn. lol
turdburgler1080  +   162d ago
While your at it throw in David carradine.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   162d ago
A shop NPC that looked like him and was similarly hyper would be a great addition and not break the mood because shopkeepers are usually strange in Zelda.
lefty  +   162d ago
I like Nintendos response, would u guys prefer they say yes and try to market off of it I think wether they decide to or not at this point its noting to advertise, other companies would have grabbed the opportunity to use it as a marketing gimmick.
optimus  +   162d ago
well, considering the game is due next year depending on how far along they are with it if they were to do something it would have to be done with enough time before it hits the assembly line or include it as a dlc in which case they would need permission and i don't think they plan on reaching out to the family at this point in time...once they have grieved and have moved on then maybe for the next zelda game something can be done which will be several years down the road.
Quicktim3  +   162d ago
hmm they should do anything yet. wait a bit.
Sheed  +   162d ago
Just make it subtle
Dreadnort  +   162d ago
I think something like a statue in one of the major towns would be a good idea, with a simple memorial plaque dedicated to Robin, A Great Hero or something like that. It's not too flashy and could easily fit in with a town aesthetics.
JustInTlME  +   162d ago
He was a great person, and a fan of the series, but I don't think that means you have to put him into a game. If everyone wanted this so bad why wait for him to die to add him into the game? Why not do it when he was alive?

If he had died 20 years from now, of natural causes, I bet no one would have started a petition to have him added to a game. I think adding him, after committing suicide, could send the wrong message to kids.

Essentially a kid that doesn't get recognized could think, "well if I kill myself they may remember me, and put me into my favorite game."

Bad idea Nintendo, don't do it.
EikichiOnizuka  +   162d ago
exactly, why are you guys all of a sudden thinking about him? Tweeters and instagramers tryna gain some likes for paying tribute SMH The internet can make u do some crazy things. No trolling i just think they should put this to rest.
mogwaii  +   162d ago
Talk about overthinking it!
JustInTlME  +   162d ago
It's not overthinking it, its actually thinking rather than just jumping and making snap decisions like everyone does nowadays.
EikichiOnizuka  +   162d ago
beyond pathetic, if nintendo was smart they would avoid this. let the man rest in peace, he obviously had problems. just let him rest n try not to gain publicity for his death. geez no one even thought about him a week ago
DoggyBiscuit  +   162d ago
Robin Williams should be in the next Zelda only if his family is okay with it not because of a petition, I applaud Nintendo for not saying much Robin William just pass away His family don't need to be bother with this
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