Dead Island 2 Interview: Yager On What Techland Got Wrong And Making A Better Sequel [IBTimes UK]

At E3 the developers of shocking cult shooter Spec Ops: The Line revealed that they were making a sequel to Techland's wildly successful zombie slaying shooter Dead Island. With Techland branching off into all new territory (a shooter with zombies, this time called Dying Light) Yager Development have stepped in to take Dead Island in an all new lighter direction.

At Gamescom Yager let the public get their hands on the game for the first time, revealing a small portion of the game's sunny California setting and letting players go nuts for ten minutes of undead slaying action.

Behind the scenes we spoke to Yager's Designer Director Jörg Friedrich and Senior Producer at publisher Deep Silver Carsten Linder in a surprisingly honest interview about making the series their own and what they thought Techland did wrong.

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