Dishonored now free via Xbox Live Games With Gold for August

Neil writes "It's the middle of August and therefore it's time for a new Xbox Games With Gold title to be given away for free....and believe us, you won't want to miss Dishonored."

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DarkOcelet1252d ago

Great news. I recommend it ,it's really damn good 9/10 and one of my favourite games on the 360.

Agent20091251d ago

Absolutely agree. Fell in love with the cartoon-like makeover in this game. Can't wait for the sequel.

3-4-51251d ago

Hmmmm, damn not for XB1...forgot there is no BC.

O well.

When do the new games for XB1 get announced ?

from the beach1252d ago

Ah, thanks for the reminder.

Mr Pumblechook1251d ago

I'm looking forward to this but why are the games only available for 2 weeks, I missed the motorbike game. Spencer should not just imitate PS Plus 50% but go the whole hog and let us have one month to download a title.

GearSkiN1251d ago

Maybe because you can keep them forever?

user3672721251d ago

Great news. Sold my copy a while back but you can't beat free so I'll be redownloading it again. Xbox live is just plain awesome with thesw free games on both xboxes. Well worth thr $40 I pay every year for it.

700p1251d ago

I agree!! And im in the same position too. I sold mine awhile back but i loved it. Now im gonna redownload it!

nirwanda1251d ago

Lol at the main page description, Xbox Games With Gold tit.

1251d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.