The Division Beta Teased And Closed-Door Demonstration Recap Plus New Screens

The Division’s beta has been teased, plus GamesCom’s closed-doors demonstration recapped. Also, check out these glorious new screens from GamesCom!

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smolinsk1461d ago

They need to stop using this guy Roby, that vice is terrible and irritating.

Hk85karlsson1461d ago

Internet should get rid of all those pesky people who can't spell properly.
(PS. I was being ironic, just to show you that one man can't please the entire world)

You go Robbie, you have great and informative videos.

ramiuk11461d ago

totally agree dude,really annoying voice/accent

mcarsehat1461d ago

He sounds like he's choking on a hot brown Sausage.

medman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

His voice is different for sure, but it in no way should stop or hinder him from doing what he likes to do, and people enjoy what he produces. Where is the harm and what is your problem? If you can't tolerate him, nobody is forcing his site on you, watch your videos elsewhere. People love to complain about anything and everything nowadays. Personally, I'm far more concerned with The Division being tied to the xbone...Ubisoft better not "aim for parity". If they do that, I won't buy the game if it is obvious they hindered ps4 development. It's getting pathetic with some developers laziness (or not wanting to spend the money) optimizing. But as this game is getting a pc build, you know if the console versions are identical it's only because Ubisoft was payed to do it. And if that's the case, no sale.

KarmaV121460d ago

Get over it, he gives us news and is informative and knows his stuff

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smolinsk1461d ago

Sorry for the spelling but I am from Denmark, so not 100% in the English language. But no matter what you say, that guy Roby or Robbie is super irritating to listen to and you know it, so stop being a smart ass.

mafiahajeri1461d ago

It they do make a beta and make it xbox exclusive, I will flip my shit!

1461d ago
Lawboy21461d ago

That's the same thing that just occurred with destiny....the double standards these days...ps4 got the alpha for destiny and battlefield and got early access to destiny beta by 4 days

What do you think is going to happen...

Grave1461d ago

After Watch_Dogs I have lower my expectations for this game. I hope I get surprised and Ubisoft pull it off.

1461d ago