Rise of the Tomb Raider is Xbox One timed exclusive: Why did Square Enix sign a deal with Microsoft?

Tech Times: "Rise of the Tomb Raider has been at the center of attention ever since Microsoft and developer Crystal Dynamics, announced that the game will be exclusive to the Xbox One. However, things might not be as they appear, as Xbox's head honcho, Phil Spencer, came out to settle the score."

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kneon1463d ago

That doesn't preclude it from being a stupid move. Many businesses have done stupider things than this.

I've spent far too much time arguing with C level executives over stupid decisions, and they often won't listen to us lowly engineers, until it's too late.

ElementX1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

I've said it a few other times but SE needs money. They will take any money they can get at this point. Their games aren't selling as they well as they'd like and they're losing money. Profits are down and they have to get some money somehow. I wonder why these journalists never talk about that? Just look at SE loses and profits.

Samsara821465d ago

Exactly what i just wrote....signing an exclusivity deal for a game was the best way for them to secure some funding to keep studio open.

AngelicIceDiamond1465d ago

I heard they were in some financial troubles right now.

Dark_Overlord1464d ago

They are, and it's their own damn fault. Rather than giving people what they want (and would buy), they attempt to force crap on them or just not bother giving them what they want at all.


Europe pleaded for a physical release of Drakengard 3, Squ-enix gave us the middle finger, so I and many others just didn't buy it.

Samsara821463d ago

Have friends that work at eidos....thats what I heard from them....people dissagree but development costs are so high hese days for studios like this and if games dont meet objectives....studios cut it happened a couple of months ago at eidos....

qwerty6761463d ago

inb4 they're about to crumble and MS swoops and and buys them.

i really hope this doesnt happen but MS has been known to buy failing companies in the past.

SuperBlur1464d ago

I've said it previously and was shut down by disagrees. They have invested so much money into TR, Hitman and Thieft reboot. Not to mention Murdered Souls Suspect which flopped hard . How many times a studio can invest money without seeing a return on it before going bankrupt.

jimjam34421463d ago

i never realised how many games se have published recently that flopped. hitman and thief seem to have just been handled poorly, while murdered soul suspect is a good game i hear, its not main stream enough to be successful at a $60 price tag, so after they lose all this money on 3 failed franchises, they take theyre one successful ip, and risk the reputation of the whole franchise on a quick cash grab. tell me how se got thier hands on three great ips like hitman, thief, and tomb raider? because like thq with red faction, they have no clue how to listen to fans.

come_bom1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Tomb Raider didn't flop. It simply didn't generate as much money as SE expected. I think where SE lost more money was on Final Fantasy 13-2, Final Fantasy 13-3 and Final Fantasy 14. Those games cost a ton of money to make.

SuperBlur1462d ago

I did not say TR flopped , i said MS:Suspect did . But onto TR subject , they sold millions of copies and still did not make a profit or high enough profit to call it a success back at SE headquarter. Even the PS4/Xbox1 sold well and still wasn't enough for them.

DanteVFenris6661463d ago

The first TR sold 5 mil and that was below what they'd like. Sounds like expectations are just too high, not because they couldn't reach them

noctis_lumia1463d ago

5 mil for a multiplatform games is crap sry
check the uncharted console and sold more

SuperBlur1462d ago

Expectations were high because they invested well above 100 millions into the development of TR.

OpieWinston1463d ago

I still see Square Enix selling off IPs soon.
They'll keep their money sink and japanese money makers like Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Bravely Default/Etc...

But probably dump the risks they don't want anymore...Thief/Tomb Raider/Hitman.

alb18991463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

I think you are right but SONY needs money too and a lot more, every company does what needs to do to survive. The hate is because is time exclusive for MS but when Destiny gave beta and exclusive content to ps4 no one were talking about money or hating......
Take it like a man and wait one year later if you want to play the game!
Or do it like me......I have both consoles ;)

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KevinRHG1465d ago

Microsoft was willing to help with the development costs of the game and in marketing. Smart move by Square especially considering the extra hype gained by being exclusive.

Also now Square can launch the game again a few months later on PC and perhaps on PlayStation 4. While it may suck for gamers who have to wait at the end of the day this is a business decision by Square and Microsoft and undoubtedly both companies did their homework before agreeing on the terms.

Kavorklestein1463d ago (Edited 1463d ago )

Yeah, people may be looking at this completely the wrong way. What if the game was on the list of gambles/financially unsure if they could continue development, or was about to be SCRAPPED?

What if Microsoft rescued them? What if although it will be a TIMED exclusive, MS is to THANK for keeping this game from disappearing COMPLETELY?

We really don't know all the details, and people who THINK they know it all, are just jumping to conclusions.

I would find it funny if Microsoft is actually the reason why ANYBODY gets to play this game, and saved it from going in the dumpster.
I think that's why Microsoft mentioned that they believe in the team, and their ambition and ideas for the Future of Tomb Raider... Because they practically are FUNDING the completion of an exciting/promising future title with a little trade off for timed exclusivity?
What if Crytek's situation made Microsoft want to think about studios differently, and they didn't WANT to see the same thing happen to Square Enix/Eidos/Crystal Dynamics, and figured out a way to make EVERYONE happy?

THEN what kind of tune would PC and Sony gamers be singing?
I would laugh so hard if people getting upset should actually be thanking Microsoft for saving a studio.
And before people say "Well why wouldn't MS just buy them out completely?"
Maybe because they see studios like to be free from ownership more than ever... for example: Studios like Insomniac?

I don't think we will ever know the full details, because maybe Microsoft wants to respect their (Square/Eidos/CD) financial situation, and keep it free from negativity- like the professional and Respectable gent Phil Spencer is?

Nightmar3Demom1462d ago

If Microsoft did all of that, they would have told the world that they saved Tomb Raider

zoolabus1456d ago


If they said that, nobody would believe them since people are so negative.

KevinRHG1454d ago

As cold as it may sound at the end of the day Microsoft does not owe anything to Sony consumers and vice versa. Personally I respect companies who fight for business and both companies are just as guilty of it.

At the end of the day if you are upset because you cannot play X game then do not blame the opposition but instead take some consumer responsibility for your purchase. That is why I am a multi-console owner. I did not want to get caught up in this US vs THEM brand mentality.