PlayStation Now Price Breakdown

Is PlayStation Now overpriced or do the critics focus too much on higher priced outliers? We analyzed and databased the price for all PS3 and PSN titles available on PlayStation Now.

Now with the full picture at your fingertips we the consumers can make an educated decision on if this service is truly overpriced.

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KevinRHG1436d ago

In the article I purposefully ignored the potential option for a monthly fee that Sony has hinted at. This analysis just took into account the prices and games available now.

Personally I think its not a bad deal however each of us needs to make that decision for ourselves as consumers. I just hope this will help consumers make a better informed decision before jumping on the hate train.

DonDon1436d ago

Most of those $3 for 4 hour games in your chart are indies. Most of those games are pretty cheap to outright buy. I think many PS fans are dissappointed as they saw this as b/c for ps4. Nobody expected the primary focus to be on rentals and newcomers. But the renting aspect is a necessary evil due to the costs of running servers 24/7. Subscription model is the only thing that meets us fans in the middle while being accessible to newcomers and providing a steady flow of cash back to Sony/Gaikai to maintain servers and make a profit.

KevinRHG1436d ago

Woops, comment 2 was Meant to be a reply to your comment.

KevinRHG1436d ago

I believe that nearly all of the games under the 4 hour category are rather highly priced but the majority of PS3 titles are $7 for the weekly rentals. That excludes the PSN Indie titles.

Would it be easier to read if the PSN and PS3 titles were sorted separately?

Personally I agree with your assessment of hoping it was B/C. Especially considering Sony really pushed B/C as a major selling point for the PS2 and early model PS3s.

DonDon1436d ago

I read you. I totally agree too.

hiredhelp1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Yeh i dont like this whole rent thing doesnt sit well with me with paying for ps plus.
The best outcome for this is a set fee to sony to have acess to all rentals subscription.

The_Truth_24_71435d ago

I'm fine with most of the prices but that 4 hour rental is just too much. $2.99 for 1 day is more reasonable.

Spotie1435d ago

The good thing is that people are hopefully giving Sony feedback on the service, rather than just bitching online.

That feedback will reach publishers, who will hopefully change the least liked prices to something more acceptable.

But gamers first need to let Sony know what is and isn't good. And then publishers need to respond.

I'm not certain the former is happening enough. At least, it seems like folks are more willing to just complain about the four-hour price as if it's the only thing that exists.