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Rise of The Tomb Raider Repercussions

"Microsoft must have paid a pretty penny to shut out their competitors. The PL crew discusses the logic behind this power play." -Play Legit (Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbox One)

Multipass  +   36d ago
I see Tomb Raider flopping on X1. Then flopping when it's released on the rest since you'll be able to watch the best parts on youtube. Microsoft effectively killed the reboot IMO.
johndoe11211  +   36d ago
It's sad that I actually agree with this statement. I don't think SE realizes what they have done. Ps and PC gamers are going to retaliate severely for this. I have a feeling Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is going to flop big time.

Personally, I'm never buying another tomb raider game again. People need to make a statement to deter any 3rd party dev from making this kind of idiotic decision ever again with a multiplat franchise.
bacrec1  +   36d ago
Yeah this just opens the door for more companies to do it to us.
whoyouwit04  +   36d ago
So I just know you will feel that way if the next silent hill will be exclusive to PS4? or what about all those indies Sony is publishing, or what about that kick starter game that Sony bought the rights to that was once coming to Wiiu and Xbox one? I know for a fact you are not buying that, because it's going against your very statement. There is so much more going on in the world for you people to sit here and bitch about a company doing business, most of you people are not 5 years old. There is Absolutely no reason why you should fill you are entitled to ANYTHING a company puts out. These companies have to make money just like a individual or family does.
gameon1985  +   36d ago
Who do you fan boys really think you will be hurting when you type this crap? You are already saying that you will not buy a tomb raider or square enix game again because of this exclusive deal. If you idiots keep putting this crap on the net... then you never will get another square enix game anyways. Why the hell would a company even attempt to put a game on your console of choice if you people are already saying you will never buy it? Truth be told the way some of you people acted over the TR announcement you don't deserve their game or their respect. So yea, go right ahead and give them a reason to never bring tomb raider to the PS ever again.
johndoe11211  +   36d ago


Goway troll.


1: "You are already saying that you will not buy a tomb raider or square enix game again". At what point in my statement did I say I was not buying another SE game again? You have a literacy problem, you should probably visit a library more often.

2:People like you are the bane of the gaming industry. It's exactly because of people like you that companies like microsoft and SE believe they can do this sh!t and we will just accept it. "Yeah, let's all go on the net and complain and then when the game comes out let's all run and buy it, that'll show em". Is this your suggestion?

3: If everyone had run out and bought the original xbox one in all its DRM glory, would anything have changed?? Do you even understand how this world works? Or did you just graduate from kindergarten?

4: I don't deserve their respect?? Really?? And exactly what respect did they show me when I bought the ps3 and ps4 versions of tombraider and then they decided to go and make it's sequel exclusive?? Where the hell was their respect then ???

If you want to sit and just allow these companies to treat you like a $10 backstreet escort then be my guest. In the mean time myself and other people in the gaming community will continue to fight the good fight so that all gamers can benefit and be happy one day. Unfortunately you will also be one of those gamers.
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Godmars290  +   36d ago
Its going to result in an XB1 bundle - maybe - and sales of the game on the console that are little changed from what TR1 got.

Though at this point what I'm really expecting is something regarding FF15 exclusivity at TGS. Be it the XB1 gets some DLC or an early launch window in Japan - at the very least - because someone at Square thinks that they could turn things around by getting into bed with MS, despite that XB1 exclusive never sold that well for them, or that multis sold better on the PS3.
MrKrispy  +   36d ago
Has no one ever considered that with microsoft doing this that they helped SE out due to their financial troubles and therefore allowing SE to stay afloat instead of closing up shop as their other games i:e Thief didn't do as well as they hoped for
n4rc  +   36d ago
Their development costs were huge.. Probably why they'd want to partner with Microsoft studios.. Share the burden. And I'd only guess ms has all the facilities and tools ready to go with massive resources..

CE may have the talent but not the tools to effectively make a game like tr. If they had to outsource stuff or pay overtime due to understaffing or whatever

There's so much more then simply greed or wanting to piss people off..
Spotie  +   35d ago
What are you basing any of these assumptions on?
n4rc  +   35d ago
Uhhh.. Common sense and logic?
HanzoHattori  +   35d ago
Square Enix isn't having financial troubles, they just keep supporting and publishing terrible games. Square had two successes on next gen and two flops. Earlier in the year Square stated that they were going to stop developing games that try to be everything for everyone and get back to making games for their core audience. They didn't. And now Square makes the asinine decision to shut out 80 million PS3 gamers, 10 million PS4 gamers, and 50 million PC gamers, effectively cutting off 70 to 80% of potential revenue that could have been gained from these excluded gamers. Financing isn't Square's problem, it's poor business decisions are it's problem.
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