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PS4 themes in the next update announced by error and Blogcast corrected, says Blogcast team

A few hours ago PlayStation posted a new blogcast discussing the PS4 software update 2.00, The crew has announced during the blogcast that themes would be available in the next update. (PS4)

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GTgamer  +   470d ago
Viiiiibe officially Killed :-(
nX  +   470d ago
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BiggerBoss  +   470d ago
Jimmies rustled indeed
ChrisGTR1  +   470d ago
and they managed to make me not exited anymore about update 2.0 :(
C-H-E-F  +   470d ago
@Chris im not "exited" either, I'm excited for the other features it'll bring though. Themes is just cosmetic... Can't see a theme while i'm in the game.
JMaine518  +   470d ago
NatureOfLogic_  +   470d ago
Soony indeed.
Rimgal  +   470d ago
Well, that sucks.
EdoubleD  +   470d ago
Aww no... thanks buzzkillington.
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Angrymorgan  +   469d ago
Lol I read that in a stewie voice
uth11  +   470d ago
Can't load it

but does this mean that there won't be themes?
or that themes weren't supposed to be announced just yet?
Mikey32230  +   470d ago
You can always just click the credit url:
Software_Lover  +   470d ago
Damn, I remember when I used to make PS3 themes. I still have this bad @$$ Halo one but most people wanted this Rihanna one that I made.
DragonKnight  +   470d ago
dafuq? Rihanna sucks. I'm not even a fan of Halo, but I'd sure as hell take the Halo one over that nasally sounding terrible excuse for a singer any day.
nX  +   470d ago
She's kinda hot and the theme's not singing or so, who cares about Halo on his PS3?
Ripsta7th  +   470d ago
Lmao shes ulgy af w her big as alien head , satanic ***
Software_Lover  +   470d ago
.. @Ripsta7th

That was just wrong, but true
DragonKnight  +   470d ago
@Bloodborn: You understand that themes can have sounds right? Imagine every time you move through the options on the XMB all you heard was "eh" from her stupid Umbrella song. You're telling me you'd rather have that then an actual game related theme, if even a non-PS game?

Plus, she's not hot. She's fugly.
KwietStorm  +   470d ago
Give it a rest. You don't like her. Cool. You're acting like your taste is gospel. If someone wants a rihanna theme then so be it.
DragonKnight  +   470d ago
@KwietStorm: I'm pretty sure I'm not acting that way and your preference (which I'm assuming at this point given your comment) is causing you to perceive things that aren't happening.
SpinalRemains138  +   470d ago
She's beautiful.

You're full of crap if you're telling us you would kick her outta your bed.

Just stop.

Its a far cry from not wanting her wallpaper to calling her ugly.
GW212  +   470d ago
You're right. I wouldn't kick her out of bed. She'd never be in it in the first place.
DragonKnight  +   470d ago
@SpinalRemains138: What GW212 said. And if one thinks she's ugly, why would they want her wallpaper? Do you not see your contradiction?
LeCreuset  +   470d ago
What contradiction? People are responding to 1) Your bewilderment that people would prefer a Rihanna theme, something with aesthetic qualities, to a Halo one on their PS3, and 2) Going from saying you wouldn't want her wallpaper to the point of calling her ugly.

I'm not a fan, myself, but I can divorce that from judging her looks, and your opinions on that matter are firmly in the minority. As for the two of you laughing about how she wouldn't make it to your bed to be kicked out, the rest of us are laughing at you two for thinking the final decision on whether she did would be yours.
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Baka-akaB  +   470d ago
Not a fan , and as long as the theme shut up , she's beautiful enough for most people . So i don't see the issue .

Pin ups theme or wallpaper are a common things , not everyone want to plaster games or anime or comics on their console and devices
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DragonKnight  +   470d ago
@LeCreuset: 1. Is your name SpinalRemains138?

2. Exactly one person responded to my initial comment, that person was replied to with an assessment on Rihanna's looks which I merely agreed with. Where in my inital comment did you see any mention of her looks?

3. Not wanting someone's wallpaper because you find them ugly is... well... an actual reason to not want their wallpaper. That 2 people so far have not been able to actually see that is... quite disturbing and saddening.

4. "and your opinions on that matter are firmly in the minority" - Based on the extensive studies you just performed? I'd like to see your research please.

5. "As for the two of you laughing about how she wouldn't make it to your bed to be kicked out, the rest of us are laughing at you two for thinking the final decision on whether she did would be yours."

The final decision becomes irrelevant when the first one already eliminates the decision from having to be made. The first decision, in this case, is more important than the final one.
LeCreuset  +   470d ago

1) "Is your name SpinalRemains138?"

You know, somehow I don't think it's that person's name either. If the point is to say that you were having a private conversation then I would suggest you PM your childish opinion instead of going off-topic with immature comments in a public comment section.

2) Too bad we're not just talking about your initial comment.

3) I get why you don't want the wallpaper. What you seem unable to comprehend is that a lot of people evidently did, that your opinion is not the be all end all, and that you have taken it to a whole different level calling her ugly. Okay, you find her unattractive. Many others find her attractive, which is why the wallpaper was downloaded. Stop throwing a tantrum because the world isn't conforming to your opinion.

4) Based on all the money her looks are getting her, including modeling gigs and photo shoots, the opinions of most people I've heard comment on the matter, the people that downloaded her wallpaper in the comment you responded to, her position at #11 on this year's Maxim Hot 100 list and other metrics that beat out your bitter opinion.

5) I haven't ruled out your agency in the matter. I'm just reminding you of hers. The way you talk about it is as if you could even find yourself in that situation. She likely wouldn't give you the time of day, so fantasizing how you would turn down the hot celebrity, in a video game comment section, is rather silly.
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FamilyGuy  +   470d ago
Look at the diarees, there are clearly more people that find rhianna attractive than those that think of her as ugly. At the VERY least you could claim her to be a butterface since her forehead is an issue for you lol. Even then, bangs are all any big forehead having female needs. I personally think she's sexy and stylish.

DragonKnight  +   470d ago

1. You don't seem to understand. Your first reply was to this...

"And if one thinks she's ugly, why would they want her wallpaper? Do you not see your contradiction?"

Which was a response to SpinalRemains138. You're free to be childishly snarky all you want to if you have nothing better to do, but my question was to ask "why are you answering a question you weren't asked?" I guess you value your own opinion so much you feel it necessary to insert it anywhere you want all willy nilly.

2. Oh really? So when you answered the question that you weren't asked, did you not do so under the platform you created through the analysis of my initial comment? I wasn't even the first one to call her ugly, nor was I the only one, yet I am the one you're focusing your attention on? Why? Because of my initial comment. Had someone else made the same comment before me, then they would be the one you'd be focusing on. So through deduction, we see that we are in fact speaking about my initial comment.

3. I'd like to see the book you wrote about me. You know, considering you think that I obviously think my opinion is the be all and end all opinion which obviously you've spent so much time gathering evidence to prove beyond the "Rihanna sucks" the "she's fugly" and the "what GW212 said." Yes, I'm certain that that was enough to make the claim that I think my opinion is above everyone else's because no one else in the world has said the same thing, not even here, and no one else would ever be bewildered by the choice of Rihanna over Halo. Yes, it's just me. Your logic is superb.

4. So you're basing your comment off anecdotal evidence, supposition, and your own personal experience to speak for 7 billion people. My, you do have a high opinion of yourself don't you?

**EDIT** Oh, and I forgot about that list that doesn't exist. You know, because the second you go to the link, page not found. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that one and assume she's on the list and that that automatically means she's "hot" because Maxim says so. Everyone knows we must obey the media's perception of what is hot and what is not. Nevermind the fact that Maxim doesn't release how they come to choose the Hot 100, they just choose 100 girls themselves. Only in the Past 2 years has Maxim opened up voting to the public, and only based on women they chose. I guess that means Miley Cyrus is hotter than Kate Upton right? It has nothing to do with attributes that aren't about physical beauty or attractiveness right? Oh wait...

5. She'd have to be hot in order to fantasize about turning down a hot celebrity. And her agency becomes irrelevant if I never create the situation in which she is in the position to use it. The fact that I would never sleep with her removes the scenario in which I would want to sleep with her and she'd turn me down. Therefore she has no agency to be used because my attraction to her doesn't exist and so the scenario could never happen. But keep trying, watching you invent scenarios is a mildly amusing distraction between episodes of Avatar.
#7.1.15 (Edited 470d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report
LeCreuset  +   470d ago

You're posting in a public comment section. I'm responding to you. There's nothing you can do or will do to stop that. Get over it.

I am replying to the totality of your comments, which you have taken from complaining that people preferred the Rihanna wallpaper to calling her ugly. You'll also notice I called out "two" of you in my original post.

Like I said, I'm confident the metrics I've given you for my claim trump your childish opinion, and you're going to need more than a handful of similar opinions to beat that.

At the end of the day, you're just a guy talking crap about something that's not going to happen (And I don't mean the sleeping with her. I mean her giving you the time of day to even think about making that decision.) on a video game comment section. We get it. You claim not to find her attractive. Not that we have any reason to even believe you. Whatever. Stop posturing on in a video game comment section and move on.

You can have the last word. I've said all I need to say, and you just make yourself look worse than I ever can when you speak, anyway.
DragonKnight  +   470d ago
@Le Creuset: I'm simply going to respond to one point of your retreat comment that's worth responding to. That being that you still don't understand whose agency takes priority.

Her "giving me the time of day" is not a possibility not because she wouldn't, it's not a possibility because I'm not seeking it. I don't want her time, I don't want her attention, I don't want her anywhere near me. That trumps her POTENTIAL desire, or lack thereof, to give, or not give, any of that to me. If I eliminate the mere possibility of her being in a position to reject me (or ignore me) then that situation can never exist.

You can try to paint the picture that she's so above me that she'd never give some meager individual such as me the time of day, a situation which you're fabricating entirely in your own mind as you like to speak for her, but it becomes completely irrelevant if I don't want her attention. This means that even if the universe created a situation in which I'd have the ability to gain her attention and she'd simply ignore it, I wouldn't take that opportunity and thus she wouldn't be able to "not give me the time of day."

What part of that is so hard for you to understand?

Really makes it hard to believe that you're "not a fan" yourself when you're insistent upon creating these fictional scenarios and can't understand that I, along with people like GW212, wouldn't even allow those situations to exist in the first place.

And for someone who likes to go around accusing people of believing their opinion is the be all and end all, you're awfully arrogant enough to believe your anecdotal evidence and supposition trumps what could amount to the exact same thing coming from another person. The difference is I've never tried to speak for anyone else in this entire comment string, but you've done it several times.

I wonder what you think gives you the entitlement to feel such arrogance.
#7.1.17 (Edited 470d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report
ColeMacGrath  +   469d ago
You two sure seem to love arguing about "non-gaming" stuff in a "gaming news website"... Smh.
rainslacker  +   469d ago
Is it just me or did this comment thread go wildly off topic?

Anyhow, would love to see some of your themes software_lover. Never been big on the whole theme thing, but like seeing what the community can cook up.;)
Spotie  +   469d ago
The point, DK, is that your opinion isn't gospel. More people seem to disagree with you than agree.

You don't want the theme? That's fine. I'd take it. And I'd take her in my bed, too. Assuming, as Rau says, SHE would even be down for that. And the ball is most assuredly in her court on the matter, as we're all just unimportant faces in the crowd.

Unless you're actually some amazingly popular person in real life. I doubt highly, though, that you're model material, while she obviously is. Which kinda makes your opinion on her looks even more invalid, and your attempts to preach them that much more silly.

Anyway, I'm too lazy to open the link- this phone is giving me trouble; seems like it's time for a new one- but it sounds as if themes weren't supposed to be announced yet, or they may even be coming before the 2.0 update. This far down the comments, I haven't seen any clarification. Anybody got a clearer answer?
mike_honcho  +   469d ago
she has a forehead like a car windshield
Ocsta  +   469d ago
Rihanna staring at me whenever I boot up my PS3? She better f***ing be naked dude.
Software_Lover  +   469d ago
Sorry, she wasn't lol.

But when I did themes, I did the Icons and everything. Of course, that was when I used Photoshop everyday. It would probably take me 3x's as long to do today.

sidenote: WTF did you guys/gals do to my comment?
#7.2.1 (Edited 469d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
adventureghost124  +   470d ago
is it just me or is the link broken? it says server error
jimjam3442  +   470d ago
TriangleOffense  +   470d ago
More Games please
KwietStorm  +   470d ago
Muzikguy  +   470d ago
Well that's bad news :/ I wasn't specifically looking forward to themes, but I know others were. I just want to change the background
ShowGun901  +   470d ago
probably just not for 2.0, maybe 2.2 or 2.4... still sad though, i want some THEMES!!!

LordMaim  +   470d ago
Folders first, then themes. :P
KillerByte23  +   470d ago
Greatness Delayed
scottieleverne  +   470d ago
This is just ridiculous. I'm glad Microsoft is still around. If they weren't, I feel like we'd never get any new features. (Not that we've got any yet.)
jukins  +   470d ago
I knew it was too good to be true. I thought I was odd they didn't mention it during the 2.0 unviel. Oh well eventually I guess. But damn sony can at least get a color changing background like the ps3 did according to the month back in the day.
KwietStorm  +   470d ago
But there's still other features they haven't announced yet. The Share Play stuff is just the headliners. I don't know what's so hard about getting themes in by now. If we had media support, we maybe could at least use our own wallpaper.
Kayant  +   470d ago
Either that or damage control for now until when they want to officially announce it will the update.
digger18  +   470d ago
Who bloody well cares? Because I don't. As an adult male I use my console to play games and not to make it look all pretty like some little girl would.
trouble_bubble  +   470d ago
People use cars to drive, doesn't mean they can't trick em out with some wax, polish, ghost paint, spoiler, undercarriage and rims too. PCs have had customizable desktops as long as windows.
wsoutlaw87  +   470d ago
I agree with you 1000%. I couldnt care less about what picture i see in the background. We are a minority it seems with everyone whining every time they cant play dress up with their characters or "customize" every little insignificant thing. I dont get it. Themes should make their way on there but it really isnt a big deal.
NovasRevenge   470d ago | Offensive
rainslacker  +   469d ago
I like themes well enough. Would be nice to put a little bit of ones style into the UI.

It doesn't upset me that they won't be there, because as you say I play games, and I really don't sit in the UI for long periods of time admiring themes.

I know some people were really looking forward to it though, so I'd imagine they care. I doubt anyone is going to wait to buy a PS4, or sell their PS4 because of this news though.
That sucks!
bosoxs505  +   470d ago
Are you f***ing serious, Sony?
Doritos_Pope  +   470d ago
Thats just bs!
Patrick_pk44  +   470d ago
It's not like I wanted them anyways *starts crying*
WeAreLegion  +   470d ago
I'm sure it's coming, but they aren't sure if it's going to make it into this update or not. That's why they said "and more" when they unveiled FW 2.0. They will add as many features as possible before they release it.
snoop_rogg  +   470d ago
So sick of blue background. I hope they have something in the works.
XtraTrstrL  +   470d ago
*Anger level rising*
FayZ_  +   470d ago
sony are terrible at software. still waiting on that youtube app nevermind themes, bet it's delayed till 2016
scottieleverne  +   470d ago
Another Sony sigh.
molsen81  +   469d ago
So no one is excited about themes?
justlikeme  +   469d ago
Many dreams were crushed today...
Xbot1214  +   469d ago
obviously sony is too slow to keep up with their updates
MegaRay  +   469d ago
*Xbot #1214 detected*
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