PS4 themes in the next update announced by error and Blogcast corrected, says Blogcast team

A few hours ago PlayStation posted a new blogcast discussing the PS4 software update 2.00, The crew has announced during the blogcast that themes would be available in the next update.

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GTgamer1070d ago

Viiiiibe officially Killed :-(

ChrisGTR11069d ago

and they managed to make me not exited anymore about update 2.0 :(

C-H-E-F1069d ago

@Chris im not "exited" either, I'm excited for the other features it'll bring though. Themes is just cosmetic... Can't see a theme while i'm in the game.

EdoubleD1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Aww no... thanks buzzkillington.

Angrymorgan1069d ago

Lol I read that in a stewie voice