Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases – Part Two: Unspecified Date 2014

Kyle from The Vita Lounge writes;

"We said we’d be back with more, and here we are to deliver; grab something to drink, put those feet up on the table and relax – we’ve got more coming games to show off.

If you somehow missed our first video, you should take a look – it covers around twenty of the currently announced games with release dates/windows between now and the end of the year. This video however, covers the stuff we’ve been told will be out by the end of the year… but hasn’t been given a date.

Welcome to our look at Upcoming PlayStation Vita Releases – Part Two: Unspecified Date 2014"

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TylerOlthoff1435d ago

Even more games to make me broke! Oh boy :)

KevinRHG1435d ago

And some people say the Vita has no games.

HentaiMasterRace1435d ago

I'm still salty. Why no Vita mention!?

DualWielding1435d ago

I'm sorry I'm a big Vita fan but these video doesn't give me confidence in the future of the console at all... only two exclusives both of which have gotten poor reviews in Japan.... and at this point I'm afraid Sony will retool Gravity Rush 2 into a PS4 game instead of Vita

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