Silent Hills Developer Deciding Between First Person and Third Person Point of View

WhatIfGaming writes: "It is always a pleasure when I run into Kojima. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Kojima several times and...."

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NatureOfLogic_1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Why not a mix of both. If I had to choose one It would definitely be first person though. Just look at the reactions of the playable teaser. A lot of people are saying they'll buy Silent Hills based on what they played in P.T. Also first person is scarier than 360 camera, because you can't preview what's around a corner or behind you. It's more realistic which adds to those "S*** your pants" moments that Kojima is going for. PT wouldn't be half as scary in third person.

TheOpenWorlder1460d ago

Totally agree too. if PT was 3rd person, i would be way way more willing to play it. I played it a bit and it was too scary for me

Nitrowolf21460d ago

@ The Disagree's

He's saying it would be more playable, as in he wouldn't be that scared.

Anyway, I hope they incldue the option for Both. If you can play MGS4 from the get go in either 1st Person or 3rd person, I don't see why they can';t do it here

Palitera1460d ago

Judging for the demo, I vote the opposite. It was masterfully done in first person.

The scarier, the better!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1460d ago

I say first person, The PI demo really impressed me, it gives a more real sense that you're there. We don't need to be looking at a dudes back the whole time to make the game better. Nothing wrong with that either, but it's a new gen, try something new. I'm just saying cause the first person view of the PI demo looked really good.

vishmarx1460d ago

too bad 1st person wont cut it for the full game.
theres also going to be exploration and shooting
however, first person during interior puzzle sections would be killer.
pt is the only game thats ever got me nervous while playing(gold headsets+alone+night)

x_RadicalAura_x1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

"Too scary?" I thought that was the point of Silent Hill... I want it to give me nightmares.

NewMonday1460d ago

anybody that played Outlast would pick first person


each point a view has different design for movement and scale, in a game like this it would ruin the atmosphere. look at the games that have both you will find going to 3rd person feels awkward.


Why not use both like in Silent Hill 4 (which has the best system ever and the most horrifiying one sadly the game had enormous potential that didn't get exploited): Third person for open environments and 1st person when you enter houses to make it freakier with direct contact like in P.T demo).

Mainman1460d ago

Third person. Too many first person content out there, and generally just not a fan of first person.

BG115791460d ago

It's hard to choose here.
PT worked very well on 1st person view. It was a really immersive. The jumps-scares are really better this way.
At this point, even dough 3rd person is better overall for control, and all previous SH were done this way, I would prefer the 1st person view.

nosferatuzodd1459d ago

lol i concur it was scary has hell i stop after that ghost woman slam the bathroom door on me lol

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GribbleGrunger1460d ago

I would say -- baring in mind they've just hired a Hollywood star -- that third person would be the way to go ...

Lightning Mr Bubbles1460d ago

That's what's bad about it, Hollywood. No room for that in gaming.

Benjammin251460d ago

Japanese don't really make first person games though. They like their characters to be seen so they can have more personality. More personality than if the whole game was seen through their eyes.

NewMonday1460d ago


even at 3rd person you would be looking at the back of his head anyway

BiggerBoss1460d ago

It would be cool if it was third person while out in the streets, but switched to a first person camera when inside like the PT demo. That might be kind of strange in practice though

KingOfOldSkool1460d ago

I think it could work if done right, it would certainly be a nice change of pace.

fr0sty1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

First... if you made P.T. third person, it wouldn't be anywhere near as scary. You would be able to see what was immediately behind you, and would feel detached from the person you were controlling rather than feeling like you were actually there exploring.

I could understand third person maybe for the sequences not meant to be scary, as well as cutscenes.

KingOfOldSkool1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

I agree, I've always felt that a whipping 360 camera tends to negatively affect the overall experience in a survival horror game.

I'm personally hoping for what Kojima mentioned in the article about the possibility of there being a primarily fixed third person camera with a switch to first for certain sections. I think it would be a nice blend of classic SH and the new PT approach, especially if there is more of an emphasis on town exploration to go along with various closed quarters.

JsonHenry1460d ago

I'd prefer them to use a clever mix of both. Kinda like Silent Hill: The Room.

Bhuahahaha1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

double post sry

Bhuahahaha1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

i always get dizzy when playing fps T_T

thats why i rarely play shooter games even when i really like to.

i would really like it if they give players a choice of adjusting the will just take a lil time to code i think.

fr0sty1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

This isn't a shooter though, you're not whipping the camera around frantically. Your movement is limited to a slow walk. You could add the option to change camera angles, but at the expense of killing the game's horror element. It just isn't as creepy in third person.

DanteVFenris6661458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Maybe a little coding, but tons of animations. First person will have a different set of animations then first person. If you noticed first person isn't correctly portrayed but to make it look good they stack hands and stuff onto the players screen that only that player can see.

So in saying if they were to do both that's double the animations which is why games never do both besides a few.

Edit: or multiplayer games as you have no choice as you have to see the other players anyway.

DevilOgreFish1460d ago

I like 3rd person a little more, but i'll let the fans decide.

mantisimo1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Third person please Hideo just like the early games it won't take away from the scares look at SH2.

There are many gamers like me who just can't ( much as we'd like to ) play FP games.

Also nearly all horror games at the moment are Fp and pretty samey.

Let's go on the journey with the character not as the character it works so well previously.

BallsEye1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

FPP! more immersive!

And why there is Daryl from walking dead in that article photo ?


ziggurcat1459d ago

"And why there is Daryl from walking dead in that article photo ?"

uh... because he's playing the main character...

Gardenia1459d ago

From what I've heard from most Silent Hill fans and my personal choice as well is that third person is the way a Silent Hill should be like.

Silent Hill shouldn't be about cheap jump scares, but rather about the psychological sickness that has always been the best part of Silent Hill

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TheOpenWorlder1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Dayum. Finally a guy actually asked them than being a complete r-tard like other reporters To me this was the most important question about the game. i dont give 2 shits about reedus

TheStarterOne1460d ago ShowReplies(1)
BrandeusD1460d ago

Yeah I seriously dont understand why more sites dont ask the actual important questions.

Kojima better make this shit first person or im not buying it if its another 3rd person piece of shit

-Foxtrot1460d ago

That's funny because I see more shitty first person games then third person ones.

NovusTerminus1460d ago

Third, please. I don't want more FPS games.

JackOfAllBlades1460d ago

First person is more immersive, imagine Morpheus support

JoyiusHammer1460d ago

No one cares about a big brick infront of their eyes using cell phone screens lol

DanteVFenris6661458d ago

Seeing your disagrees obviously a lot of people do. Next time say "I don't like vr"

HappyWithOneBubble1460d ago

We know what he meant though. I prefer 3rd person over 1st and wasn't all past games in 3rd so yeah keep it like it is.

MysticStrummer1460d ago

3rd person is just as tired as 1st. Either one can be great or lame. I think the reaction to that teaser said it all. People wouldn't have been nearly as creeped out if it was 3rd person imo.