Here Are Three Minutes of the PS4 Version of Planetside 2

During the SOE Live event stream Sony Online Entertainment provided a glimpse on the upcoming PS4 version of the MMO shooter Planetside 2.

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Neixus1498d ago

Looks very comparable to the PC version, only missing thing is motion blur. But i'm glad they left that out, motion blur is just distracting anyways.

Can't wait to play it on ps4 with some friends :D

user14394141498d ago

I will enjoy playing this and H1Z1 :) Sony is love.

JackOfAllBlades1498d ago

Sony is life! Lol, but seriously looking good SOE

LackTrue4K1498d ago

when the 4uck is this game coming out.........................
..............been waiting for it!


psuedo1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Agree I dislike motion blur. What I dislike even more though is your eyes having to adjust from the shadows to the light. It was VERY annoying in BF3. Never played 4. Took me a while to get use to it. Sure make videogames realistic, but you really don't need to add in things like that. In my opinion makes for a worse experience. Sure it's strategical, but it's not a necessity.

voodoochild3461498d ago

I agree. I'd rather just have crisp graphics. Motion Blur on makes to me when it's used in racing games.

Polar151498d ago

comparable to the PC version? in terms of gameplay yeah.

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Grave1498d ago

I predict that this game will be huge on PS4.

equal_youth1498d ago

for a free2play titel this looks freaking great. i can't wait to download this day1. we should form something like an n4g army Oo

i think we would be terribly awesome. :D

cyclindk1498d ago

Or awesomely terrible :)

cyclindk1498d ago

See you planet side solider.

What... What are we fighting for again?

MysticStrummer1498d ago

I suppose that depends on what faction this army joins, which will probably be the decision that tears this army apart before it ever hits the battlefield.

Muzikguy1498d ago

Release date? I'll probably give this a go since it's f2p

Brettman20081498d ago

But is it still coming this year? The lack of information from Sony regarding the beta and release date is beyond ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.