Battlefield Hardline – New Screens and Details On Gameplay Improvements at Gamescom

MP1st - As Battlefield fans are getting their hands on Visceral Games’ cops and criminals shooter at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, new details are beginning to pour out of the expo, including specifics on new gameplay improvements since the Hardline’s last multiplayer beta.

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ShaqSoda1501d ago

I really think this game will be a flop. They should have just stayed with army/war themed and worked another couple years to release another Battlefield.

marioJP871501d ago

Looks like an indie game.

700p1501d ago

Im pretty excited for this game. The story/multiplayer trailers i've seen as of late seem pretty awesome. Cant wait! Glad its coming out next year too.

Pillsbury11501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Forever has my trust been lost to though, battling field.

For you have come to me buggy and laggy.

Avenger4111501d ago

The beta was actually better than the whole BF4 MP imo..