Some Hyrule Warriors players experiencing a few technical issues

Hyrule Warriors appears to be suffering from freezing issues – at least for some players.

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diepdiep1218d ago

Freezing on the title screen, too? I really hope they can fix the problems soon.

wonderfulmonkeyman1218d ago

Nintendo doesn't usually allow things like this to hang around for very long, so it won't be an issue much longer.
It'll certainly be taken care of by the time the US version launches.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1218d ago

but it Tecmo KOEI job though. They will patch it since they already confirmed long term support.

wonderfulmonkeyman1218d ago

Fair point, but it IS a collaboration, after all. I'd expect Nintendo to have some part, at least, in that sort of thing.

MSBAUSTX1218d ago

It will be fixed by time it releases here. Still a month away.

Sly-Lupin1217d ago

Don't count on it. DW8XLCE had big problems (framerate for Vita version; incompetent dof for PS4 version) that were fixed relatively quickly in Japan via patches... and the NA region only got those same patches last week. After several MONTHS of waiting.

And DLC-whoring.

So much DLC-whoring.

1218d ago