Halo: "Right Now It's All About Xbox One;" No Comment About The Master Chief Collection on PC

There have been rumors floating around about a possible PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and in order to shed some light on them DualShockers had a chat with 343 Industries Studio Head Bonnie Ross at Gamescom.

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Axios21465d ago

Maybe some day MS will cash in on the PC market for Halo, but the last time they did that it was 2007, three years after the console release. Since then several halo games have been released, none of which came to PC

sorane1465d ago

Halo: Spartan Assault
Release Date: Apr 4, 2014

incendy351465d ago

It actually launched on Windows 8 store before Xbox.

1465d ago
sorane1464d ago

Oh I forgot truth and fact get pushed aside when they don't fit into console fanboy agendas. Sorry I forgot what site I was on for a second. I'll try to remember that for next time.

On another note I love how every single time I've heard the quote "I cannot comment" when it comes to a PC release in the 30+ years I've been gaming that it's always followed by a PC version. Can't wait to pick this up on PC.

ThatOneRiggaNob1465d ago

Well MS did say they would support the PC platform this time around so maybe Halo MCC or Halo 5 will see a release on PC after the initial console release.

ScorpiusX1465d ago

Supporting the PC is one thing , but doing something as stupid as that they might as well close up shop.

Perjoss1465d ago

Halo 5 timed exclusive for windows 9, 2 years after Xbox One release. Timed as in 6 hours before fans crack it to work on older versions of windows.

Seafort1464d ago

They've been saying they'll support the PC for years and nothing has ever come of it.

I don't expect Halo MCC or Halo 5 to come to PC as MS hate the PC gaming platform. It's competition for their own Xbox.

The only reason we got Ryse and Dead Rising 3 is because they are 3rd party games and not controlled by MS.

Not sure why we're even getting the Fable Anniversary edition as we already have Fable The Lost Chapters especially for the price they are charging.

I gave up on MS supporting the PC many years ago ever since they released the first Xbox and I'm fine for them to keep as far away from the PC platform as possible.

700p1465d ago

It kinda makes sense that they would allow halo to be on pc. They recently stated that they would support pc. After all lionhead recently decided to release fable anniversary to pc so it seems that microsoft is willing to put major exclusives on pc.

DanielGearSolid1465d ago

PC gamers gotta let this one go

Allsystemgamer1465d ago

It's getting annoying having 1 and 2 on PC plus Spartan assault and no further support.

SlavisH21465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

M$ will release this with windows 9! It will come to PC. they like money. M$ makes money regardless.

TheRealHeisenberg1465d ago

$ony likes money too just as any company does. It will be nice when they can make money like MS.

Allsystemgamer1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

You mean like the $500 million loss the xbox division cost this year?

TheRealHeisenberg1465d ago

I won't refute that. I was referring to the company's as a whole. Sony isn't making money like MS is. There is no spinning that.

Allsystemgamer1464d ago

Obviously lol. I use windows 8.1 as I'm primarily PC. Nothing against ms and I think Phil can bring xb1 to light but as of now aside from halo I have no reason to get one. I was an Xbox fan until late 360.

Qrphe1465d ago

That actually gives hope for a PC version. Before that I would have imagined they would have straight up said no.

FsterThnFTL1465d ago

It will come to PC as Windows 9 exclusive.

ScorpiusX1465d ago

Cause everyone ran out to buy Vista last time they tried that tactic.All everyone did w as cry foul and whining .

atticus141464d ago

Halo 2 Vista was a turd for a Vista system seller, it was an older game that looked dated but yet required the power of Vista for some By this time Halo 3 was already on its way on consoles and included much more to be excited about.

Lets reverse roles
Imagine if Halo ODST was a launch title for Xbox One but it still pretty much looked liked the 360 version at the same time the PC was getting Halo 5. Now imagine ODST has no co-op and other new modes you might enjoy, but they would be in Halo 5.

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