The Great PS Vita Gamescom backlash & Set Sales for Handheld

Episode 58 of the Heroes of Handheld podcast. A podcast dedicated for all portable/mobile devices and games.

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Tiqila1041d ago

that lion king gif is hilarious

RDF1041d ago

There was a backlash? >.>

KonsoruMasuta1041d ago

You didn't see all the articles talking about how Sony ignored the Vita at Gamescom?
It even lost an exclusive.

rainslacker1040d ago

There was some grumbling...haven't really seen any backlash. I think a lot of Vita owners have come to not expect any Vita coverage, so the backlash was minimal.

HentaiMasterRace1041d ago

Chespin was the worst grass type starter.

sinspirit1041d ago (Edited 1041d ago )

I love the default state, really don't like Chespin's evolutions. I stuck with Froakie since the starters were first announced and I still stick by him.

I finshed this Froakie image during school two days after he was announced..

I wasn't the only one that saw he was a perfect fit for the fancy Froakie style. I found, I think, two other images released during the same time with similar ideas to make him look ravishing. X/Y brought me back into Pokemon. I didn't like any of the games after Gen 3.

superchiller1041d ago

Who listens to podcasts anymore? Boring.