Empire's The 100 Greatest Video Games Of All Time

Empire writes: "You voted, we counted, and here they are: beat-'em-ups, shoot-'em-ups, RPGs, JRPGs, MMORPGs, RTSs, first-person shooters, platformers, sims and much more"

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DarkOcelet1430d ago

While i appreciate the hard work done to make this article , 100 pages is just a little too much for me.

Ezz20131430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I think we can all agree that The Last Of Us is among the best games ever
But calling any game the BEST ever as a fact is very subjective
and every one will have different opinion on it

so that's why those top 100 games of all time lists are very pointless to me TBH

mediate-this1430d ago

I still dont see why tlou is so crazy good, but thats the great thing abot opinion. Trying to finish the game just not into like other people are.

goldwyncq1430d ago

You can't call any game the best ever unless you've played every game in existence, not even from a subjective point of view.

BiggerBoss1430d ago

Yeah, while I consider TLOU a near perfect game, probably even the best of last gen, calling it the greatest game of all time just seems a tad off to me.

Jaqen_Hghar1430d ago

yeah depending on which genre you like and what you grew up with (the reason for so many high Nintendo metas last gen) you will be biased and rank different games. Oh the meltdowns when people see Heavy Rain compared to Mario Galaxy 2 lol

Concertoine1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

I don't know how anyone could call TLOU the best game ever. Your favorite game ever, sure, but for something to be the best it would have to be innovative, ground-breaking, influential, a game that is so perfect in the way it is artistically crafted and so perfect in the way it makes the player feel when they play it. The Last of Us is fantastic, 9.5/10, but there is nothing it does on a gameplay basis that is influential or fresh. It is a typical formula that is finely crafted to fit the context of the game. Im sorry, but the medium of gaming is getting too far off track to deem a game "best of all time" a year after its out largely because of story. Also GTA 5 in the top 10 = immediate invalidation.

The truth is there can be no best game, games are made to elicit different reactions and experiences. Like Silent Hill 2 has very poor gameplay, but it immerses the player and explores its themes in a way that makes it successful. Meanwhile Metroid Prime offers an unrivaled feeling of discovery and the innovative idea of discovering a story by your own whim rather than having it spoon-fed to you.

gootimes1430d ago

I think TLoU was the greatest game of last gen, but not the greatest of all time, I would have many above it... Just my opinion, but I respect his.

gootimes1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


I actually haven't seen too many games that make you scavenge for parts and supplies and have you make things for yourself on the fly while in danger, planning is half the game. I would imagine many games will be influenced by it gameplay wise. The multiplayer is the same way, it changed the way multiplayer could be thought of, instead of just appear and run and gun, you take time to plan and gather supplies. I think gameplay felt fresh and new, honestly more so than a lot of games on that list.

Of course, I am not talking about basic looting and gathering, almost every game in existence does a form of it. You seriously don't know what I am referring to about TLoU? Have you played it? It is much different. And I am not claiming TLoU is the number one game of all time, or more influential. I was merely commenting on it's gameplay being much better and unique than people give it credit for.

Also I don't understand the argument that a game has to pioneer the genre in order to be the best... That is completely irrelevant to me in what determines the best game.

Concertoine1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


You've never played Bioshock? Or System Shock? A lot of games revolve around looting. Also i remember in Far Cry 2 where you had to pick bullets out of yourself on the fly. But looting and searching for supplies has been a classic of survival horror since day 1. TLOU took typical third person shooter formula, and fit into its own world with stealth and scavenging and did it in an excellent way. And TLOU's multiplayer was actually very interesting, but i'd be surprised if a game is influenced by it. Even if it was, how can that influence be compared to the likes of genre-creating influence spawned from Mario 64, Metroid, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4, etc.

Concertoine1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )


To be honest i have no idea what you're referring to. Are you talking about how you craft your own supplies? It's been a year since i beat the game, feel free to refresh me on this revolutionary looting mechanic i must've overlooked. And i never said the gameplay wasn't unique, I just credit its uniqueness the same way i do Deus Ex... it mashes together elements from different genres to create something sublime, and that is unique in a way.

I feel i went too far with that statement, the game doesn't have to pioneer the genre but i do feel it should do something new with it.

I'll reuse the example of Metroid Prime, it took the exploration genre that Metroid invented and adapted it to the third dimension as well as experimented with an interesting way of storytelling.

This is apples to oranges but Mario Galaxy did the same thing with 3D platformers.

nX1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

They didn't even mention Demon's Souls or Gothic 2... and GTA5 doesn't belong in the Top10.
Can't agree with this list.

sonarus1430d ago

Not the best game ever for me but i can see why there is so much praise around it. I actually really hated it for like the first 30% of the game. Stopped playing after 30% and went back to playing madden. However after much prodding from friends i gave it another shot and the game truly is a master piece. One of the defining games of last gen which kind of like the last truly great game for last gen, for ps3 anyways (not counting gta. but not a gta fan at all).

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DoomeDx1430d ago

Scroll to the bottom. Has the list of the top 100.

I think this article is very well done! Looks nice and doesnt force me to click through 100 pages of bullshit with uninspired writing

affrogamer1430d ago

They have one page with everything listed, from 100 to 1

nosferatuzodd1429d ago

take this from a Sony fan the last of us is good no its great but (zelda ocarina of time) is the greatest game ever don't care what anyone says that is the nu 1 game of all time to me

greenlantern28141429d ago

This list has a lot of really great games on it and I played almost all of them. But any greatest list of anything will be highly debatable.
But this was according to the article voted on by people who go to that site. Which is probably why TLOU is number 1 since it is arguably the best game to come out in recent history.

Back-to-Back1429d ago

Dark Souls ranked higher than Demon's Souls? wow

Red Dead at no. 9 is a mistake.

San Andreas and Fallout 3 not being in the top 10 is fail. Swap GTA V and put in San Andreas atleast.

Uncharted 2 at 22 is fail. Should be higher
Re4 at 27 is fail. Should be higher.

Doom should be in the top 10 along with cod 4. The fps genre would be dead without those 2 titles.

Morrowind ranked higher than Oblivion? nonsense.

Chrono Trigger at 76 is blasphemous. One of the top 5 rpgs alltime.

I like the list, just not the order.

PS: TLOU is well deserved at #1.

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jcnba281430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

TLoU greater than OOT? TLoU is a good game but I wouldn't even put it in my top 20.

Metallox1430d ago

To me calling any of those games "the best" is unfair. I mean, Ocarina of Time (not actually the most solid Zelda game for me) focuses in exploration, solution of puzzles and combat, The Last of Us it's more linear, it's more a survival game and puts a lot of effort to immerse the player in the narrative.

The comparison is not fair, while both games are full of quality, they aim for different things, and putting anyone above or below of the other it's just stupid for me.

gamerfan09091430d ago

Objectively Ocarina of Time has a bigger impact on gaming and is better put together game. I don't think 20 years from now people will talk about TLOU like people talk about OOT. That's not a shot at the game itself, because I respect what ND was trying to do with it.

TongkatAli1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Opinions, I always got bored watching my friend play OOT, really I'm not saying this to you to troll, that game bored me and made me yawn many times.

I respect what that game did for the action adventure games, but I rather play the games it influenced.

The soundtrack is the best thing about Oot to me, the rest meh. Majora's Mask, now that shit was a lot more interesting then Oot, that moon was creepy as fu..

Quadraxis1430d ago

TLoU doesn't deserve to be in the top 20, putting it in first is just too much.

JimmyDM901430d ago

Greatest games? That's just asking for trouble. They should have just done a list of the 100 most important games and based it on the impact games have had on the industry. People would have still complained but at least the list would be slightly more objective.

jimjam34421430d ago

well i guess im not the only one underwhelmed by the last of us.

ShaqSoda1430d ago

Can someone post the top ten? No way I'm clicking 100 times.

Tedakin1430d ago

Click Full List in the top right on the site.

HammadTheBeast1429d ago

The full list is right at the bottom.