Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Planned for January, One Month Before Launch, Says Visceral Rep

MP1st - New details emerging from Gamescom 2014 suggest Visceral’s cops and criminals shooter is headed towards a February launch with the game’s PlayStation, Xbox, and PC open beta taking place one month prior, in January.

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DarkOcelet1435d ago

February !! This game is gonna be murdered .

Kid-Prodigy-KP1435d ago

Please don't launch in February. It's too many games that month. Move it to March.

ShaqSoda1435d ago

This game would be my 3rd choice in February.

equal_youth1435d ago

it shouldn't b one month if they want to take this seriously they should do it three month before launch so there is even time to tackle some bugs and community wishes. push this game to september or october next year. but whatever will probably never happen and they will throw themselves in an open knife. I played bf4 and had a few good hours with some friends. we even had lan partys and stuff but the rubber banding kept us from playing it further. i know its now better but i wont give ea and bf a free ride because of it.

darkstar181435d ago

wtf is a beta going to do one month before will start shipping before it even ends..

TotalSynthesisX1435d ago

Yep. EA is making the same mistake with Hardline as they did with BF4. "Release now, fix later."

ScottyHoss1435d ago

I thought that was why they delayed it, to make it better

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The story is too old to be commented.