Online Play May Be Headed to Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo's Network Maintenance page reveals something interesting that may mean some new online functionality for the excellent Super Mario 3D World.

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randomass1711289d ago

Oh crap. PLEASE let this be a trend.

randomass1711289d ago

More offline Nintendo games getting updated with online.

LOL_WUT1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Shouldn't it be included at launch not months later? ;)

R00bot1288d ago

That would obviously be preferred, but since the games have already launched without online it's great that they're getting it added.

darthv721289d ago

online multiplayer added after the fact.....could make for an interesting trend indeed.

Starbucks_Fan1289d ago

I hope so. I live pretty far from most of my gaming friends now since I'm done with college.

randomass1711289d ago

I have friends I play local with all the time, but I also have friends who are too far away to do that with so I hope it is true too.

3-4-51289d ago

This would get a TON of people to start playing this again.

BattleN1289d ago

I wasn't aware a simple patch could bring online play, I'd play it more if it's true.

randomass1711288d ago

The article says it could be a patch prepping for DLC. It's all very unlikely but we can only hope it's true.

HavokPants1288d ago

Zombi u needs online aswell it would boost sales a bit

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HavokPants1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

oh mai ged this can't be true didn't they say about online not being "fun" WAT THA FACK IJGOIJHIJRTHIJRYJ*SPAZ ATTACK COMENSE

R00bot1288d ago

They said they were having trouble getting it to work with the lagggggg. Maybe they've worked it out doe?

X1PS4WiiU1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

Dont get your hopes up.

Nintendo has done this in the past for 3d World.

It was for miiverse functions and ghost feature.

It was worded the same.

wonderfulmonkeyman1289d ago

Yeah, but the thing is, we now HAVE those things.
What more could they add that's online related without being DLC?
I'd say the field is narrowing towards online multiplayer becoming a thing for it.
Of course, I'm not holding my breath for it, either, but it's not outside the realm of possibility, and I can just imagine the issues someone would have making precision jumps in later levels if there's any sort of input lag...

X1PS4WiiU1289d ago

We've had ghost and miiverse functions since the game launched. They did maintenance on them to make them run better.

Probably doing the same again.

Its hard to believe Nintendo would add online play a year after.

randomass1711288d ago

Wouldn't be the first time it's happened. Ubisoft put online into Scott Pilgrim two years after it came out. :U

V0LT1289d ago

If it does it has something to do with Amibas

X1PS4WiiU1289d ago


They would of already announced this at e3 when they announced mk8, captain toad, yoshi wooly world, ect., would have amiibo functions.

You would think...

iplay1up21288d ago

You would think they would have, but Nintendo has made some big announcements since E3 that you would have thought they would have made at E3.

Big_Game_Hunters1288d ago

This would make this game a 10/10 for me. It already has hours of bonus content after you beat the game. But online play would really complete the experience.