4 Popular Games That Didn’t Live Up To The Hype

The Non-Fiction Gaming writers share their experiences with some popular games that didn't quite live up to the expectation.

"Did you ever play a game that everyone seemed to love except you? Or do you disagree with our opinions on your favourite game?"

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DarkOcelet1494d ago

Bioshock infinite didnt disappoint me really , it was a masterpiece to me , yes the gunplay felt dumbed down but it was still good , its a shame they closed the studio after that game , we keep losing these awesome devs and get stuck with those whose game is copy and paste and sells million :( about WOW i actually installed it played it for 20 min , closed it , removed it from pc , never looked back . Dota 2 is great but i always feel like a noob , i dont think i ever won a match :D . And finally assasins creed 1 , that game is the only one that i rank really high next to Assasin Creed 2 ..

incendy351494d ago

I agree. In my opinion Bioshock Infinite is not only great, but in the top 10 of all time games.

Relientk771494d ago


BioShock Infinite is frickin amazing

MysticStrummer1494d ago

Like any game it's subjective. One friend said it was amazing, another traded it in without finishing it.

FsterThnFTL1494d ago

For me:

Halo 2 PC
Any COD after COD4
Gran Turismo 5

CurrentDigital1494d ago

How is Watch Dogs not on this list?

kurruptor1494d ago

Sounds like he is fishing for controversy. Just listing some very popular games to start some arguments.

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