Star Citizen Gets Mind-Blowing Commercial Video, Shows Spectacular In-Game Visuals

Cloud Imperium has released a mind-blowing video commercial for its upcoming PC exclusive, Star Citizen. As the team noted, everything in this video is rendered in-game, meaning that these are the visuals that PC gamers will get to enjoy.

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GrizzliS19871500d ago

little did anyone know, this is exactly how humans were visited by other life thousands of years ago...

bet they worship the humans same as we worship our "god"

and the footprint in the sand will become their symbol of hope trolololol

Reddzfoxx1500d ago

Everything but the human character models looks fantastic. And this is CGI so there is no excuse for character models to look that bad.

Anonagrog1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

"As the team noted, everything in this video is rendered in-game, meaning that these are the visuals that PC gamers will get to enjoy".

That starts on the 2nd line of the 1st paragraph.

It was rendered using the in-game set-up for the engine. Even if it couldn't be rendered at interactive frame-rates it's still using the real-time rendering pipeline, so it's completely representative of what a PC rig is capable of given enough horsepower.

JsonHenry1500d ago

Lol, no my friend. This isn't CGI. This is how high end games look when playing on a PC.

Azurite1500d ago

CGI = Computer-generated imagery
You're thinking of the term "pre-rendered".

Ben Dover1500d ago

Good grief, the least you could have done was read those 4 lines of words above the video?

Kosmacz1500d ago

I have to agree. Face animations are just poor. And there is literally zero emotions visible.

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ATi_Elite1501d ago

Oh YEH Chris just let some cats out of the bag.

Land on Alien Worlds, switch to Land Vehicles, or go on foot and explore in First Person/Third person and Pew pew if needed ALONG with the complex and vast Space combat/trading going on OFF WORLD in the depths of space.

How much for the Rover? I need it NOW.....willing to PAY!!

Nolando1501d ago

so is Star citizen and No mans sky similar space sandbox games?

I wonder if either will actually have a story or is it just free range space exploring scavenging/building?

sarlucic1501d ago

Star citizen will have a story mode called Squadron 47

Hassassin1500d ago

(42 having a special meaning)

Jyndal1501d ago

I was wondering the same thing. No Man's Sky has more of my interest at this point, but Star Citizen does look good.

Stapleface1501d ago

Star Citizen seems to have a deeper economy and is actually designed around interaction with other players. No Mans Sky is all about you. You may encounter other players, but it's not a huge part of the game, if you ever encounter them at all. Star Citizen definitely has a story in it's single player version Squadron 42. Star Citizen will be the open universe massively multiplayer space sim. Plenty of stories there too for sure, but it's all lore and not really something your are following along to reach an end.

Nolando1500d ago

Star Citizen does sound a lot deeper than no mans sky...

I wonder why No mans sky is getting so much more press then...

iceman061500d ago

@ChubbyLover...I think it's because Star Citizen got tons of hype through it's kickstarter and No Mans Sky just kind of popped up at some point. They look like totally different experiences and very good in their own rights.

Stapleface1500d ago

The fact that No Mans Sky is multi platform is the reason why it gets so much more press. It will be on consoles as well, ps4 first, then pc. So it has two audiences as to where Star Citizen has one. The differences in the games opens No Mans Sky to different people as well. It will likely be a lot easier to just pick up and play NMS. That's speculation but by the sound of it, SC will be a lot more technical.

Seafort1500d ago

I think Elite Dangerous is closer to No Man's Sky than Star Citizen is.

Elite Dangerous has the same procedurally generated universe just not as wacky as No Man's Skys :P For example there's 400 billion star systems in ED.

Star Citizen is more of a developer crafted universe.

Either way I'm looking forward to all 3 games :)

sourav931500d ago

No Man's Sky is getting more hype due to the seamlessness of the game i.e. from surface to space to surface without any loading screens, as well as it's procedurally generated universe. SC is more dev oriented and has loading screens when leaving and entering planets, and most of the time players are in these bubbles called "instances". But as correctly stated by others, SC is deeper and more complex e.g. economies, politics, organisations, etc. In SC, you can be part of an org and carry out your tasks as asked, or be a mercenary, bounty hunter, or even a pirate. NML is all about exploration, at least that's the main point of the game.

Another games that's very similar to NML is Elite: Dangerous, in terms of gameplay mechanics anyways - with procedurally generated worlds and seamless entering and leaving planets (post launch patch).

Overall, all three of the games look awesome. And since I love space games/sims, I'll be in gaming heaven come 2015.

Docs1500d ago

They plan on having seamless planetary landing in SC too, just via autopilot instead of manually. So you'll be able to walk around your ship in the mean time and do other things.

I imagine No Man's Sky will have some kind of instancing system too, or at least a limited number of players per server, that's just a limit to technology right now.

I agree though all three should be great, they have different focuses and it's not as if the space sim genre is overcrowded, the more the merrier.

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