Virtual Russian Roulette Absolutely Terrified Me in Gods Will Be Watching

Marcus Estrada writes: "Gods Will Be Watching is a diabolically difficult (at its intended difficulty) point and click game with narrative focus. Opinions from players have been immensely diverse, ranging from absolute adoration to raging hatred. What such a divisive reaction says, to me, is that it’s a game worth playing. And so I did sit down with Gods Will be Watching to form my own opinions on the Indiegogo-funded project. Although I didn’t fall deeply in love as some players did, there was an incredible chapter in the game which caused reactions that I’d never before experienced from a game. I felt sheer terror."

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jimjam34421494d ago

you poor poor man, having to go through a thing like that seems pretty tramatic. i hope your therapist realizes how vulnerable you are.

Sir_Simba1494d ago

the Tag section is a crazy sentence "Adroid Gods will be watching ipad, iphone and PC"