24 Minutes of Until Dawn Gameplay

A man with a clown mask is on the prowl and his target is a group of young adults who are trying to forget a childhood memory.

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ArchangelMike1500d ago

I don't want to watch it for spoilers... but I can't help myself - man I'm weak. But this game is looking like it's right up my alley. I can't wait :)

Nitrowolf21500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

IDK how I feel about this game TBH. I usually really do enjoy these types of games, but this just seems a bit boring and more of a movie, which I get that it is aiming for that.

IDK, I guess for me it's the whole idea that it's a horror, mystery type of title and usually I'm not use to playing characters that are always displaying reactions for you.


Yea, I agree with that. It has a promising story, and the setting and such is deadspot on. I think the character here is just overdone. Yea I do get it, you would probably act like that in real life, but that is usually the focus of horror types of games, to provoke a reaction out of you, and not so much out of the character in the game. I'll wait to, but I don't really dig what I am seeing from these characters in this video

nX1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I think it looks good already and very promising, the characters could be a bit more "believeable" but the atmosphere is great. There is a lot of potential here, this could turn out very mediocre or very good with a creative take on the horror genre. I reserve my judgement for the moment but I'm keeping my eye on it.

SuperBlur1500d ago

im not a big fan of the camera view

MasterOfThe12Blades1500d ago

Might be a good game but the girl you play is extremely annoying... l hope she is not the main protagonist!!!

DeadlyOreo1500d ago

Does anyone get an old school Resident Evil feel from the camera angles?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Way to go PS4! this gen is starting to look sweet. I remember when this was a crap PS move game I didn't care about, now it's looks like something I might get day 1.

They just didn't seem to make games like this last gen, it's good to be a gamer again. Haven't felt this way since PS2.

NewMonday1500d ago

about time someone dose a teen horror type of game

ever wanted to shout at the characters while watching Halloween/Screen and change things, well this is what the game is all about.

ramiuk11500d ago

the girl seems OTT with the acting imo.
her voice defo doesnt set the scene well either and her eyes are all over place like she tripping.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1500d ago

Is it wrong that I laughed all through this vid? I didn't find it to be particularly horrifying (for a horror game). I think the awkward motion inputs kill the mood. That and the cheap scare tactics.

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BallsEye1500d ago

Not sure about this game...looks like an interactive movie with extremely slow controls and very typical story of few teenagers stuck together with a psycho (atleast that's what I can tell from this gameplay).

n-skyline1500d ago

I would argue too much of the game is revealed here, spoilers

nX1500d ago

It probably wouldn't matter which scene you pick to demonstrate, everything would contain some kind of spoilers in a game like this.

iDadio1500d ago

I'm going to pass on watching it for that very reason then, I dont know why but it looks like a game adaptation of the film 'Cabin in the woods'.

HighResHero1500d ago

Cabin in the Woods is a special movie.

Palitera1500d ago

I'm not watching the trailers for the game (spoilers), but I would just to point that Cabin in the Woods is a meta movie. The hidden meaning is what makes it different from the others.

As per the story itself, a group is hunted in a cabin in the woods, it is quite clique and not exactly what makes the Cabin in the Woods identity.

I don't know in English/remember the name of the movies who used this archetype, but Friday 13th and, specially, The Evil Dead are two notorious titles.

Now, if you're talking about the atmosphere or direction itself, that's another story and I shouldn't even be here.

Gatsu1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

I'm afraid this game is gonna get too much hype and falls flat in the end. After watching that, I can say it looks good but reminds me of those countless horror movies with jump-scares or saw. I'm not sure is this supposed to be a scary game, but it don't seem to have the kind of scary feeling what I'm looking for. Like in some (older)RE,SH games or the recent PT are examples of what I mean.

But I guess need to wait and see more of it, reviews or maybe try myself.

Nitrowolf21500d ago

Like I said in my comment above, looking at those games, those are the oens that are pushing more for the reaction out of the player and not so much forcing one on the in-game character. It's like, I saw this video and think it would be more scarier if the character didn't scream every 5 second before you even get a chance

Gatsu1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Yeah I agree :). Lets say games like RE, SH, Dead Space 1, Outlast, P.T. and some others, they do horror the way I like and enjoy the best. And don't have your character talking or screaming all the time.

Those games are kind of giving you a constant uneasy feeling that you ain't safe, maybe with sounds,lights or music etc. Then keep building up the tension with eerie background sounds/voices, until you either have to take break or finally scaring crap outta you by showing some monster etc.

That's what I like in Horror games, as you said more reaction out of player.

VsAssassin1500d ago

I'm gonna get this game no matter what. The butterfly effect system is what's going to make this game replayable.

Inception1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Ok this looks more promising compare to the old build. Gameplay looks a lot like Heavy Rain and somehow remind me of Clock Tower 3 too.

Anyway, it would be cool if capcom/sony make a new Clock Tower with this kind of style.

I mean, Silent Hill make a comeback with Kojima x Del Toro, Fatal Frame V, and there's Mikami with Evil Within. So, it will be merrier if more classic survival horror make a comeback, right? ^^

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